Subject:               Substantial Completion Inspection Report

Penn State ______________________________________________ Campus

                            Project Name:  _________________________________________________

                            PSU Project No.: ____________________


To whom it may concern:


Penn State conducted a


  _____ Substantial Completion Inspection


  _____ Partial Occupancy Substantial Completion for ___________________________________


on your contract for this project on ________________________.  The attached punchlist notes items in need of repair, completion, or replacement.  Unless otherwise noted above or agreed to by the University, you are requested to complete all items remaining on or before _________________.


Please review the enclosed list of work remaining and return it to the Construction Services Office within seven days, noting your intended completion date for each open work item.  Identify any restraints (e.g., material delivery, building access, seasonal constraints) to complete of any item(s).  If you complete the items requested prior to the requested deadline, please note the date completed on the list and return it to the University’s Construction Services Office .


Also, provide periodic updated itemized status reports of your progress in completing these items.  It is imperative that you strive to complete unfinished and/or defective work without delay, unless completion is deferred or otherwise postponed by agreement with the University.


Advise the University’s Construction Services Office when these items have been completed so that inspection of all completed items can be arranged.





CSR’s Name__________________________

Construction Services Representative

OPP Design and Construction Division

(814) ______________, fax (814) 865-6192, e-mail




cc:               G. D. Andersen

M. L. Brown

Engineering Services

K. J. Harris

P. R. Melnick
T. D. Webber
Facility Coordinator __________________________________________________
                                                                                                  (name and address)
Project Manager __________________________
Professional ___________________________________________________________
File                                                                                     (name and email address)

Substantial Completion/No. 1