1.               In compliance with the Notice to Bidders and the Contract Documents, we, the undersigned, do hereby agree to provide all labor, materials, services, tools, and equipment, and to perform all of the required work to complete the:

              Contract No.   1,   [ ( Insert Construction Type) ]   Construction              

For the:

PSU Project Official Name              


PSU Project No.                            

Located at:

              The   Pennsylvania   State   University              

              [ (Insert Campus Name) ]              

              [ (Insert Campus City) ] , Pennsylvania                            

For:               The Pennsylvania State University, Owner

All in strict accordance with the Specifications, Schedules, Drawings, and Conditions for the consideration of the following amounts, including federal, state, and all applicable taxes, for the sum of:

Bid   Item   No.   1--Base   Bid               $              


              (write in dollar amount using words)


              [ (Insert Additional Bid Items as Appropriate) ]               $              



2.               We, the undersigned, agree, if awarded the Contract, to execute an agreement for the above-stated work and compensation on the standard Form of Agreement DGS 1-C.



3.               We, the undersigned, agree, if awarded the Contract, to begin work at the site within ten (10) days after Notice to Proceed, and to complete the work in a thoroughly good and workmanlike manner under the direction of the Architect and to the satisfaction of the Owner, on or before the Completion Dates as stated in Section A.



4.               We, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of and have considered in our proposal the following Addenda:










5.               Bid results will be available on the web at < >.



6.               We, the undersigned, acknowledge that all Contractors/Sub-Contractors requiring prequalification are contractors presently on the Prequalified Bidders List as issued by The Pennsylvania State University.  Prior to the submission of the first Application/Certificate of Payment, we will submit in writing their names and addresses to The Pennsylvania State University.  Refer to Section A for prequalification requirements.



7               We, the undersigned agree, if awarded the contract, to adhere to all the requirements of the Small Diverse Business Program as detailed in Section A and Section I.



8.               We, the undersigned, agree that this Proposal as submitted shall hold good through the sixtieth (60 th ) day following the bid date.

              Submitted By:                                          

              Federal ID Number:                                          

              PA Vendor Number:                                          



              Signed By:                                          
                                          Authorized Signature


              Email Address
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              Contact Name

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              Surety Name:                                          

              Surety Address: