IST 220: Group Research Assignment 2: Research Topic Proposal


Computer networking is an ever-growing field. It is the objective of this group research project to provide students with an broad overview of current and emerging networking principles, technologies, and applications, and a basic understanding of their impacts on people’s life, business, policies, etc.


The idea of the group research project is simple: each group will be writing a short “textbook chapter” that provides a comprehensive coverage on a computer networking topic that is of interest to you, but that is not otherwise covered in the course. The complete final report is expected to be about 15 pages long (12 point font size, double-spaced).


To make everyone’s life easier, the project will be attacked using a series of milestones including a research topic proposal, a draft report, a round of peer review, and a final report. The first milestone is a research topic proposal, which should contain:


          A cover page that has the title of your report, your team number, and your team member names.

          A 2-page essay that addresses the following questions:

1.      The computer networking topic you intend to study. Be sure it is clearly, precisely, and carefully stated.

2.      Why you think this topic is important and interesting. Be sure to provide enough background for people to judge your claims.

3.      A list of five main questions you plan to address in this project.

          A minimum of three main references your group plans to use in creating the report.

o         Note: The main references must be in the form of books, reports, or research papers. Although you may seek additional help from other sources such as online forums and Wikipedia, they do not count as your main reference.



















Research Topic Proposal Delivery (70 points):


Each group is required to submit a research topic proposal that answers all above questions (a single .doc or .pdf file) to Dropbox on Canvas. Only one person in each team needs to make the submission. Don't make duplicate submissions.


The report should be in an essay style and be formatted professionally. The report should use 12-point font size and be double-spaced. Figures, diagrams and tables should be well labeled and also described in the text. Please proofread and edit the paper before submission.



Individual Contribution and Participation (30 points)


Your report must have a page at the end to describe your team member responsibilities and group activities.


Team member responsibilities (15 points): The report should clearly indicate the responsibility of each group member. If possible, give a table to describe who was responsible for which part of the report, who wrote which section, who coordinated the group work activities, etc.


Here is an example of a group activity table:


Team Member


Jane Doe

Introduction section

John Smith

Targeted audience section

Jane Smith

Experiment section, write up the whole report


As long as a group member contributed to the group report, the group member can get 15 points.


Group activities (15 points): The report should also provide logs of your group activities, including when the group met, what the group did, and who attended.


Here is an example of a group activity log table:





1/20/09 11:00 – 11:45 AM

Discussing project ideas

all team members

1/23/09 1:00 – 1:45 PM

Discussing report structure

all members, except John Doe


A group member who attended more than 80% of group activities will get 15 points. If attendance was between 50% and 80%, 10 point would be given. Below 50%, no point.