Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Bureau of Labor Law Compliance REQUEST FOR PREVAILING WAGE DETERMINATION
Date of request:
County: PSU Project No.:
Estimated Cost to Complete Project:
(Must be greater than $25,000 -- Prevailing Wages are not provided for projects under
$25,000 -- They are not needed for projects less than $25,000)
Will the Federal Government or any of its agencies furnish
funds to be used on your contract (such as loans or grants) or Yes No
will a Federal Agency prescribe a schedule of Prevailing Wage Rates? If so, please go to Federal Davis-Bacon Funds.
Project Name (Descriptive Name):
General Description of Project/Scope-of-Work:
Project Locality:
(Borough, Township, City)
Administrator/Awarding Agency:Penn State University
Awarding Agency Contact Person (Project Leader):
Administrator/Awarding Agency Phone Number:
General Directions to Project:
Proposed Bid Date:Contract Award Date:
Proposed Start Date:Proposed Completion Date:
Requestor Information
Name:Jesse Wells
Position: Contract Specialist
Phone:(814) 865-3807
Address Line 1:The Pennsylvania State University
Address Line 2:Office of Physical Plant, Room 106
CityUniversity Park StatePAZip16802