Job Conference Meeting Minutes Form


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Job Conference Report No.                             Notice to Proceed Date:              

Date of Job Conference:                             Completion Date:              

Project No.:              

Location of Project:              

Title of Project:              


Job Conference Attendance (include phone numbers and e-mail address):


General Review of Previous Report:

General Discussion of Job Conditions:


Job Site Safety Review:


Site Fencing and Security Review:


Erosion and Sedimentation Review:

       Contractor biweekly inspection report submitted?

       Any outstanding deficiencies?


Environmental Compliance Issues

       Contact Environmental Health & Safety and/or Engineering Services to identify permits/requirements if the project includes boilers, generators, fuel storage tanks, asbestos, etc.


Review of Shop Drawing Log:


Review of Change Order Log:


Review of RFI Log:


Utility Shutdown Requests:


Review of Overall Project Schedule:

       Job Progress:

       Obstacles to Timely Completion:


Work Schedule for Next Two Weeks:


Percentage of Elapsed Time on Project:


Percentage of Job Completion (Based on C.O.P. for Project):


Percentage of Job Completion (Based on Physical Inspection):


Affirmation of Project Completion Date:


Date, Time, and Place of Next Job Conference:


Any authorized persons who take exception to any statement in this report shall notify the construction inspection supervisor, in writing, within five (5) days from the date of receipt of this report, stating in detail the correction or omission.  Otherwise, this report shall be considered correct and final.



Distribution:               Attendees; L. A. Berkey (University Park), Contract Admin., A. F. Dent (Non-University Park), Engineering Services ( ), R. P. Dodson, OTC;; File