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  • THE PIRATE BAY “The World’s Most Resilient Bittorrent Site"
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              THE PIRATE BAY “The World’s Most Resilient Bittorrent Site”

Background: In November of 2010 three men who are the creators of the well-known peer-to-peer file sharing site, The Pirate Bay, were convicted of assisting users to infringe on the copyright laws in Sweden. The is a site in which users can anonymously search for and share a vast amount of torrent files.

The Law gets involved: According to the New York Times, the men were charged with one-year prison sentences and had to pay damages of 32 million kronor, which is equivalent to $4.5 million dollars. They took this to an appellate court and had their prison time reduced to between 4-10 months. However, instead of the original 32 million kronor, damages were increased to 46 million kronor that equates to $6.5 million.

Effects: Although the creators were indicted, the site itself remains online and functioning and holds the slogan "The world's most resilient bittorrent site.” This shows that current efforts to end P2P copyright infringement are strong but may not be strong enough. Torrent sites like (image)

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