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I. International Trasactions

Due to an increase of technology, international transactions can easily be done electronic documents and electronic signatures with respect to these lines of work:
Purchase orders
Pro forma invoices
Commercial invoices
Letters of credit
Ocean and airway bills of lading
Calculation of air, sea and land transportation costs
Applicable taxes
Import/export duties
Shipping tariffs
Transfers of ownership
License/handling fees
Currency conversion
Language translation
Evidence of ownership
Government regulatory compliance

II. Long-distance transactions

Long distance transactions can also be affected due to electronic documents and electronic signatures. The relevant example pertaining to us college students are student loans. When applying for a student loan with CHASE online, you are asked to fill in an application online, and you are asked to sign the document online. This allows things to be processed faster and allow you to receive your money for school within a short amount of time. Long distance transactions like online-banking also play a major role due to an increase in electronic documents and signatures. Your bank can be in California, but can have access to your account anytime and anywhere in America.

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Importance of E-Documents and E-Signatures

Electronic Document & Electronic Signatures

Examples of E-Signatures

Documents that CANNOT be written or signed electronically

International & Long Distance Transactions

Relevant Cases

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act

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