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The final report should look like a short paper, summarizing all the things you learnt through the project. It should have the following parts:

  1. Introduction. A brief description of the problem, datasets, input/output.
  2. Method. A detailed description of your method produced the best performance. You need to write all the details about features and parameters, as other people could reproduce the results.
  3. Results.
    (1) A brief description of other baseline methods (these methods could be the methods you did for check points #1 and check points #2) or variants of your own best method with different features or parameters. 
    (2) A table summarizing the results of all the methods (baseline methods and your best method).
    (3) Discuss about the performance in the table, e.g., why some methods are better than others?
    (4) A screenshot of your best method performance (should be the same as the one included in check point #3).
  4. Summary.
    (1) Summarize what you learnt from technical side.
    (2) Summarize what you learnt throughout the project (e.g., teamwork, communication, resource seeking, something you wish you knew earlier, your future plan, etc.)
  5. Team contribution.
    Briefly mention each member's contributions for the project.

What to submit:

  1. project-final.pdf that contains the report (remember to include the screenshot)

  2. only one student needs to make the submission for the team 

Submit the report to Canvas by 11:59pm 12/15 Sunday. No late submission will be accepted.