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Clocking In and Out

Your first task is to clock in. Politely inform any users that you can assist them after clocking in. It is your responsibility to remember to clock in at the beginning of each shift. If you are not working a back-to-back shift, then you must clock out at the end of your shift.

Minimum & Maximum Number of Scheduled Hours

Full-Time Students are permitted to work 40 hours a week.

Part-Time Students are permitted to work no more than 24 hours per week.

International Students are permitted to work no more than 20 hours per weekException: International students working during the summer are permitted to work more than 20 hours per week for the duration of summer. 

It is every student's responsibility to immediately communicate your student status with your coordinator once it has changed. The above minimums are based on the Affordable Care Act. This is a law, not a rule that Penn State or Students Technology Services has implemented. Failing to communicate a change in student status can result in severe repercussions. 

Maximum Number of Consecutive Hours

You may only work 10 hours in a row. If you work for 10 consecutive hours, you must wait 8 hours before working again. 

Graduated/Non Students

Students who fail to enroll in classes with Penn State will have 1 full year to work for Tech Tutors before we will part ways. Same example above applies. 

Once this time has elapsed we will part ways with the student. 

A graduated student will be allowed to work 40 hours a week for the first 16 weeks. After this time has elapsed hours will be cut to 24 hours per week. 

Taking a Break

You must ask a Supervisor to take a break during your shift (except for a short bathroom/water break).  If you work more than six consecutive hours you must take a 30-minute unpaid break  We would like this break to be close to 30 minutes as possible.  Supervisors/Consultants who started their shift first that day, get seniority over others with their break.  At this time you will have to clock out using Subitup, take your break and resume your shift by clocking back in.

Breaks under 30 minutes are permitted but should only be taken if you have worked 4 hours consecutive.  Consultants would need to speak with their supervisor on duty to get permission and supervisors would need to reach out to their coordinator. You also need to clock out during this break.

This break cannot be taken at the start or end of your shift.

Holidays and Breaks

During holidays and breaks, the university operates in a reduced capacity. If we are open, normal shifts will be suspended and replaced with a separate schedule to cover the limited staffing needs. The manager will send out an email just prior to the holiday/break with relevant information. The dates/holidays are in the link below:

Holiday and Break Schedule for Fall 2019

No Classes (Limited Support)

  • During University breaks such as Fall break, Intersession Break, Spring Break, and any holiday where there is no class the Tech Tutors may operate on a limited schedule.

Unofficial Holidays (Full Support)

There are several holidays that the university does not officially recognize or for which it does not close. If you have religious obligations that conflict with your work schedule please contact the manager. I will work with you to find a solution to the scheduling conflict.


You may not work more than 40 hours per week unless given approval from the Managers. The work week begins at midnight on Saturday and ends at midnight the next Saturday. The 40-hour limit includes ALL sources of part-time employment within the University.  If you go over 40 hours without management approval, you will be automatically terminated. 

Excusing a Shift

You can request the coordinator to excuse a shift under certain 'excusable' unforeseen reasons. Please note that the coordinate will not excuse shifts for planned or scheduled commitments. RTOs (Request Time Off) must be submitted ahead of time for that. To be excused from a shift, following steps must be taken:

  • Request for excusing from a shift must be made at least more than 24 hours in advance of the shift's starting time.
  • Post your shift in the Team's shift channel and request other tutors to take up your shift.
  • Contact the coordinator on Teams and describe the reason why you need to be excused from an assigned shift. Depending on the reason, two things could happen:
    • If the reason qualifies as excusable then the coordinator will mark your shift as available on Subitup and you wont be responsible for the shift anymore.  
    • If the reason is not excusable then you will continue to be responsible for the shift, unless another tutor volunteers to cover the shift for you.

Subbing a Shift

You can take an available shift by clicking the "Sub" button in the SubitUp However, once you sub a shift, you are responsible for it. If you cannot attend the shift, then you must follow the procedures for being excusedthe steps to be excused from the shift, mentioned above.

Unoccupied Shifts

Unoccupied shifts are those that have been excused by a Manager the coordinator or have never been permanently scheduled. We encourage you to take unoccupied shifts. You are not required to work the entire shift, but it is preferred. You can clock in or out at any time. Indicate that you subbed the shift while it was in progress. 

Time off request

If you would like to request time off, you should request an RTO in SubitUp before the schedule has been posted. The schedule will be posted Tuesday of each week, which gives you until the end of the day on Monday to RTO.  It is your responsibility to find coverage for your shift if you missed the deadline, or to accept the consequences of a call off.

If you are unsure of how to Request Time Off, watch this video: 

nameR.T.O. .mp4


How to submit a Request Time off


Sick Leave Policy

Missing a shift due to Illness

When a Supervisor is sick they will be required to send a message to their coordinator. When a supervisor or consultant reaches 3 consecutive sick days they will be required to bring in a Doctor’s note excusing them from work. After having seven sick days a coordinator will reach out to the employee and see if they need to take some RTO.

  • You will need to communicate with your Supervisor 1 hour prior to your shift starting
  • You will need to post in the Team's 'Shift' channel that you will be out sick
  • You will also need to make your shift available in Subitup
  • If you are unable to complete the above steps, your absence will be counted as Unexcused. 
  • A doctors note may be requested by a Coordinator for any instance of calling out sick. 

Leaving a Shift Early due to Illness

If you are feeling ill during your shift, a Supervisor can excuse you to go home early. Please do the following:

  • Ask the Supervisor to be excused.

  • Clock out from your shift in SubItUp, and mark that you were sick in the notes.
  • Post shift in the Team's 'Shift' channel. This would give others an opportunity to fill in for you if possible. 

Failing to follow the protocol

If you fail to follow one follow one or more of the steps to call in sick, it would lead to the following consequences:

  • 1st failure: The student supervisor will go over the sick leave policy with you to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the expectations. 
  • 2nd failure: The student supervisor will inform the coordinator and the coordinator will discuss the situation with you.
  • 3rd failure: The coordinator will give you a final warning.
  • 4th failure: The manager and coordinator will meet with you. This could lead to probation, which may lead to termination.


Tech Tutors are given a 5 minute grace period after their shift starts, any time after that they will receive disciplinary action. If something unexpected causes you to run late to a shift, you are required to notify a Supervisor by sending a message to them on Teams. Sending a message does not necessarily excuse the lateness, but it helps your cause by acting responsibly. See below:

  • On your third offense, you will have a discussion with your coordinator. They will go over the attendance policy with you and see if there is anything they can do to help.  This could include changing the shifts you work or altering the shifts you work in a way so that the Tech Tutor is on time.  The coordinator will have you sign the attendance policy at the end of the conversation.
  • On your fifth offense, your coordinator will discuss what could happen if you continue to be late and see if anything can be revised from the first discussion.
  • Once a Tech Tutor has reached their sixth offense they will have to meet with the Manager and may be placed on probation, which may lead to termination.

No Call/No Show

We are pretty strict when it comes to No Call/No Show. A No Call/No Show should not occur. If you are over thirty minutes late for your shift without reaching out to your Supervisor or Coordinator, or simply do not show up without informing either of them, this will be considered a NC/NS. See below:

  • The first time this happens your coordinator will communicate with you to see why you missed your shift without calling in.
  • The second time your coordinator will have another discussion with you and have you sign this policy and make sure you understand it
  • Once you have reached your third time you will sit down with the Manager and be placed on probation, which may lead to termination.

Excused Call Off

We wanted to give some examples of excused call off's:

  • Exams
  • Make-up Exams
  • Official Study Groups ( proctored by a professor, TA, or department) 
  • Career Fair 
  • Interviews
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Illnesses
  • Family Emergencies


Unexcused Call Off

You must follow the process below if you are unable to make your shift:

  • Post your shift on Subitup to make it available to your fellow employees.
  • Send a message to your departmental Subs Group on Temassupervisor and coordinator on Teams
  • You can also talk to your fellow employees and see if they are willing to swap shifts with you.

    You are still responsible for your shift if you do not get it covered. This means that even if you go through the procedures to drop a shift listed above if you cannot make your shift at the scheduled time and it does not get covered, you must inform your supervisor before the start of your shift that you will not be able to make it.  See below for the disciplinary actions that will be taken:

  • The second time this happens your coordinator will have a conversation with you, ensuring understanding of your responsibilities and the RTO program.
  • The fourth time your coordinator will have another discussion with you and have you sign this policy and make sure you understand it.
  • Once you have reached your fifth time you will sit down with the Manager and be placed on probation, which may lead to termination.