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Students are conditioned from a young age on how to properly apply themselves in an academic setting. There is a certain type of understanding and stereotype among students and teachers that some students just “get it” or they don’t. Academics are taught so quickly in western methods of teaching that it is extremely easy for students to get left behind. Even with the “No Child Left Behind” program, some students were still left behind. Whether they were considered to align with special education standards or enrolled in a gifted program, students were either not getting it, or they were surpassing grade requirements, leaving them bored within the classroom environment. It can be hard in a room full of 20-30 students to give individual attention to each student, which is why effective teachers create a healthy balance of facilitating classroom discussions and then also providing individual assistance as needed.

When students leave the comfort of a structured schedule with certainty in their daily routine that comes with being in a primary or secondary setting, it can be difficult for them to restructure their mind to continue growing and understanding the world in a new environment. Graduating high school and going onto college is much more than just switching schools. It is an extreme life change. For many students it is their first time away from home. For some it is their first time becoming their own person and discovering their identity. New relationships are formed. They are in a professional academic setting with new instructors.  The freshman year of college for many people is a place where they either succeed, or crash and burn. College is not an easy place to succeed. It takes a huge amount of dedication, motivation, self-discipline, and passion for a major. The easiest way to find success in the course of one’s undergraduate academic career is to understand how to study.

College student’s frequently say the phrase “I didn’t know to study.” Studying isn’t a skill that is often taught before college, it is just something that is assumed that students know and understand. But the problem is, many students don’t know how to study at all. So they either fail and give up, or like many successful people in their industry such as Naya Clinics, they learned how to study and made their way through the four years. The issue with learning to study is that it is entirely individual. For each student studying may mean something different. For some it is taking notes during class lectures and then rewriting them into a study guide. Other students may just read and comprehend powerpoints and online information. Many students pick study groups to help quiz each other. There is no right or wrong way to study. It is just important that college students learn effective and efficient ways to study, and study often. Success in a collegiate atmosphere won’t be achieved just by showing up to lecture everyday. The work outside of the classroom counts just as much as the effort put inside the classroom.