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Attentiveness to Patrons

  • Be aware of patrons entering the consultation space (cubicle or online). Begin your consultation with appropriate greetings and use courteous language when addressing the patrons.
  • Friends, roommates, study partners, and significant others may not be at the desk with student employees.
  • Maintain a professional presence at shift. Avoiding napping at the desk, which includes laying on the desk or reclining in the chairs, no feet or shoes on the desk.
  • Using earphones or headphones on shift is not allowed as it makes a tutor less approachable. Tutors may use headphones only when they are attending to a client online. Watching academic/non-academic, or streaming entertainment videos during shift will lead to disciplinary actions. 


  • Tutors must be in their uniform (T-shirt or sweatshirt) during all shifts. They must be dressed appropriately for professional consultations. Avoid  short-shorts, crop tops, hats, pajamas, or clothing with threatening messages or advertisements for inappropriate companies/groups (Budweiser, Hooters, etc.) 



Tech Tutors are permitted to do their homework during the shift time. However, the following points need to be strictly ensured: 

  • You are still not permitted to do homework that requires you to watch a video or listen to audio.
  • You are not allowed to use personal devices (laptop, Ipad, phone) for doing your homework.
  • Your homework materials (books, pens, notes etc.) should be easy to put aside in case if a patron walks up to you for help. In any case, you must watch your surroundings for anyone who needs help. 
  • None of your assigned Tech Tutors task like submitting a ticket for a client, responding to team's conversations or emails, should be pending. 

Work Area

  • Student employees must maintain a clean working environment at the desks (i.e. no trash or crumbs). Trash must be disposed of in the nearest trash receptacles.
  • Pay extra attention to the desk space. Janitors do not clean the desk or drawer areas in Pollock. Keeping them clean is our collective responsibility.


  • Snacks and covered beverages are allowed at the desk. Clean up behind yourself as needed.
  • Meals should not be eaten at the desk.

Device/Headphone Usage

  • Desktop computers should be used responsibly and student employees should keep their internet browsing appropriate for work. This means games, social media, YouTube, Netflix, and other sites of this nature should not be used while at the desk.
  • Personal laptops or tablets MAY NOT be used during the shift.

  • Cellphones should be used sparingly and responsibly. Personal phone calls may not be taken at the desk. In case of an emergency, let your peers know that you need to step away to take a call (for Search Bar shift) or leave a note that you would be back in 5 minutes (for Pollock shift), or use the Away sign (for Online shift).


Starting you shift

  • Clock in to SubItUp as soon as you arrive at work  

  • Greet any coworkers and supervisors present in the space, and introduce yourself to anyone you haven’t met. 

  • Log into your computer, and the following sites/software applications: 

DURING YOUR SHIFT During your shift

  • Check SNow for tickets related to any upcoming appointments assigned to you. 

  • Review any new communication from your supervisors and/or colleagues in the Tech Tutors Team space 

  • Prepare for any upcoming tutoring appointments.  

  • Complete all required training, forms, ServiceNow notes, and other routine tasks. 

BEFORE A SCHEDULED TUTORING APPOINTMENT (PREPARE IN ADVANCE) Before a scheduled tutoring appointment (follow-up sessions or Faculty appointments)

  • Complete the Meeting Preparation Form; this includes drafting a goal, objectives, and a high-level outline of steps you plan to take in the meeting. 

  • Review the SNow ticket related to the meeting; you may also review any worknotes from past meetings with the same client and/or worknotes on tickets with similar topics. 

  • Review any relevant documentation in the Tech Tutors wiki, and research answers to specific questions online. 

  • Download/access relevant software you may need for the appointment to ensure it is working as expected.  



Ending your shift 


At the beginning of a tutoring meeting (first 5 minutes)

Scheduled appointment:

  • When you meet your clientintroduce yourself, and sit down together. 

  • Show your client the goal and meeting objectives you drafted in the Meeting Preparation Form, and verify whether the information is accurate from the client’s perspective; make changes to the information as-needed based on your discussion. 

WALK-IN MEETINGWalk-in meeting: 

  • Greet any potential walk-in clients who approach you during your shift: Answer questions/provide information about the Tech Tutors service as-needed, or help the individual identify other relevant services if they are looking for a type of assistance you can’t provide.  

  • If a walk-in client would like to begin a tutoring session with youinvite them to sit, and introduce yourself. 

  • Open a new SNow ticket on the client’s behalf. Enter their user ID and other required fields, and save the ticket to generate the record number (e.g. INC00012345). Fill in the Short Description field based on the client’s question, and include the following language in the Description field: 

This is a record of the walk-in tutoring meeting completed on [Today’s Date] with [Client Name] and I regarding [Client’s stated need]. 

  • Search Bar only: Help the client fill out the Search Bar Intake Form.  

  • Work with the client to capture their overall goal and to develop one or more specific objectives for the meeting using the Meeting Preparation Form; you will need to include the record number from SNow in this form.  




During a tutoring meeting 

  • Strive to be professional, friendly, and patient with your client throughout the meeting. 

  • For a scheduled appointment, follow the outline you prepared in your Meeting Preparation Form.  

  • For an unscheduled walk-in, try to work through the task(s) the client wants to accomplish in a systematic way similar to how you would accomplish the task yourself in “real life.” 

  • When you need to demonstrate something complex to the client on-screen, always use your own computer and ask the client to follow along or try it themselves on their own computer. 


At the end of a tutoring meeting (last 5 minutes) 

  • Thank the client, and ask if they have any final questions before you conclude the meeting. 

  • Ask the client to complete a Client Feedback Survey before they leave; they can drop their completed survey in the drop-box at your station on their way out. For online clients or faculty members, ask the client to open the web version of the form on their computer or phone before you end the session.  


Immediately following a tutoring meeting

  • If you will be meeting with the same client more than once in order to meet their needs, fill out the work notes in the SNow ticket after each individual consultation using the following template: 

Meeting # of # 

  • Summary: Briefly summarize the client’s problem/need from your perspective. 

  • Steps TakenList the main steps taken during this meeting with the client. 


  • Steps Taken: List the main steps taken in each meeting with the client. *Note: This section may be copied and pasted from your previous work notes. 

  • Software: List all software associated with the case. 


Before you leave, report any issues or incomplete tasks in the Tech Tutors Team Space if applicable.