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Thunderbird Junk Filtering

Added by LAURA NICOLE MASSARO KAUFFMAN , last edited by on Nov 18, 2010 14:58

Thunderbird Junk Filtering

You know that your incoming PSU mail is marked with a spam header flag and can be filtered accordingly, but did you know that Thunderbird also tries to detect junk mail for you?  Thunderbird's junk settings are configured to send messages detected as spam directly to your junk mailbox.  It can also be trained over time to determine which messages are junk and which ones are not.

Configuring Junk Settings for Thunderbird

  1. Go to Tools, Account Settings...
  2. Check (√) Enable adaptice junk mail controls for this account.
  3. In the Junk Settings tab under your check (√) Trust junk mail headers set by:. Make sure SpamAssassin selected from the dropdown menu.
  4. Check (√) Move new junk messages to: and select:
    • "Junk" folder on: and select your email address in the dropdown menu.
  5. Make sure Automatically delete junk mail older than 14 days is unchecked.
  6. Click OK.

Training the Thunderbird's Adaptive Junk Filtering

Thunderbird's adaptive junk filtering gets more accurate if you "train" it.  To do so, you must mark messages as junk instead of just deleting them.  Over time, Thunderbird will learn how to recognize a junk message by how you have identified other junk messages.

  • To mark a message as junk,select it and click the Junk button.  The message will be sent to your junk folder, and Thunderbird will learn more about how to identify junk mail.
  • To mark a message from your junk box that you would like to keep, select the message and click the  Not Junk button (on the message itself or on the Thunderbird mail toolbar).  Then right-click the message, select Move To, and the location where we would like the message to go to move the message out of you Junk folder.