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SnagIt Output


SnagIt Output

Output Options

By default SnagIt assumes your output will be a graphics file and that you wish to capture to a preview window. Output can also be sent to the SnagIt Studio, an additional utility application included with the SnagIt program.

When you've pressed the Hotkey sequence your captured screen appears in the SnagIt Capture Preview window. In this window you can rescale, flip, rotate, crop, set color effects, annotate, create watermarks, and so forth. After applying any special effects to the image you are ready for the final output.

You also have the ability to capture and send the output directly to a printer, clipboard, email, browser catalog, or the Snag It Studio. Selecting Web output captures images from a web site and stores them into the folder or catalog you specify.

Use Multiple Outputs if you want to send the capture to more than one output (e.g., a file and the printer, etc.).


Output Process

  1. With the image in the preview window, select File→Save As.
  2. Drop down the Files of type box and select the output format to save it to (e.g., bmp, gif, tif, etc.).
  3. You can now insert the graphic image file into any document.

The capture and output processes described above are the basic steps for a quick screen capture and save feature. SnagIt also includes additional features that can be set before the capture process such as the following...



The filter feature enables you to set automatic image size, color effects, annotations, and trim effects at the time of capture.



Options enable the user to set specific program preferences, timed captures, and various view options.



The Tools option enables you to quickly switch between capture elements (e.g., image, text, web, etc.).

SnagIt also includes a feature called the Studio. To apply additional enhancements click the studio icon on the menu bar. The current image in the preview window displays in the Studio window.


SnagIt Studio

It Studio is an object-based drawing program designed for annotation of screen captures and other images. SnagIt Studio helps you quickly mark up any image using object-based vector drawing tools to add text boxes, captions, callouts, rubber stamps, arrows, sticky notes, and other drawing objects to your images.

---From online help review.

You can also start with a blank canvas and import (File→Import) a series of images to create a new graphics document.

When you save a file within the SnagIt Studio, it saves the document with an extension of .ssd. This can only be opened and edited within the SnagIt Studio application. To save the graphic file with an extension such as .bmp, .gif, etc., you need to select File→Export and the format you wish to export and save to.