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Refining Your X-PSU-Spam Filters

Added by LAURA NICOLE MASSARO KAUFFMAN , last edited by on Nov 18, 2010 15:30

  1. Follow the X-PSU-Spam Filtering instructions for your email client:
  2. Before clicking OK on your X-PSU-Spam-Flag filter, add a second condition:
    • Next to the YES textbox click the +.
    • In the first dropdown menu, select To or cc.
    • In the second dropdown menu, select contains.
    • Enter into the textbox.
  3. Click OK.  Your filter will filter only PSU-flagged spam coming to an invalid address.

Note: You can also use these instructions to create refined filters on other problem addresses.  For example, create a new filter, follow these instructions and susbsititute for  With both of these filters running, you will catch spam flagged coming from both of these addresses!


Warning: For this filter to work, please make sure you are giving out your correct Penn State email address, so that legitimate mail may be distinguished from spam.  (See