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Pandora Free Internet Radio


Pandora: Free Internet Radio 

Looking for some background music while you work? Pandora is a free Internet radio service from the Music Genome Project.

It works like this: First you create a station by telling Pandora what artists or songs you like. When Pandora plays music that is similar to the music you like, you decide which songs to keep playing on your station. When you get a station you really like, you can even share it with your friends!


Step 1: Create a Station

  1. Pandora Sign In/Sign upIf you haven't ever been to Pandora, go to and click create an account. If you have, login with your email and password. (You may also want to download the desktop application or the application for your iPhone!)
  2. Click the Create a New Station... button.
  3. You can enter the name of a favorite artist or song (example: Steve Miller Band).
  4. If your selection is in Pandora's database, Pandora will create a station based on your selection. If Pandora selected incorrectly, you can click Hey! That's not what I wanted.
  5. Your station is named for the artist or song you selected. To rename it, click the Station Options arrow beside your station and choose Rename this Station.
  6. To add more songs to your station, click the Station Options arrow beside your station and choose Add Variety to this Station.
  7. You can create more than one station. To create another one, repeat these steps.

    Tip: If you select a song, Pandora may never play the song you picked, just songs similar to it. We recommend adding artists instead of favorite songs.


Step 2: Decide Which Songs You Like

Once you have a station, Pandora plays that are similar to your favorite selection(s). You may hear songs you already know and like, as well as become familiar with new songs you've never heard. Unlike real radio, you have control over the programming:

  1. If you like a song, and would like to keep it in your station, you can click I like this song ( )---the thumbs-up icon---by the thumbnail image of the song.
  2. If you like the song, but it doesn't fit the overall mood of the station you were trying to create, you can move it to one of your other stations. On the thumbnail image, click menu→Move song to another station.
  3. If you like a song, but just aren't in the mood to hear it, you can skip up to three songs per day by clicking the icon that looks like a fast-forward button ( ), or you can switch to another station.
  4. If you like the song, but are sick of hearing it, on the thumbnail image, click menu→Don't play this song for a month.
  5. If you don't like the song, you can click I don't like this song ( )---the thumbs-down icon---by the thumbnail image of the song.

    Tip: The more feedback you give Pandora, the better your station will get!


Step 3: Share Your Station

  1. Click the Station Options arrow beside your station and choose Share this Station With a Friend.
  2. Enter Your Name and Your Friends' Email Addresses (up to 25, separated by commas).
  3. You can click the Add a Personal Message link to compose a message to send with your station.
  4. Click Share.