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Mail Merges in Word


Mail Merges in Word

If you have a list of data, like an address list, and you would like to create customized documents like form letters, labels or envelopes based on this list, you can do this in Word by creating what's called a Mail Merge.

Mail Merge Wizard

The easiest way to create a mail merge is by using the Mail Merge Wizard, which guides you step-by-step through creating, editing and printing a mail merge document:

  1. Click Mailings →Start Mail Merge→Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard...
  2. Select document type & click Next.
  3. Select starting document & click Next.
  4. Select recipients from existing Excel, Access, Word, or Outlook list; or create a new list. Click Next.
  5. Compose your document, inserting custom items into it & click Next.
  6. Preview the results & click Next.
  7. Print All or Individual Records.


Write & Insert Field Buttons

If you would like to do some additional mail merge editing, the Write & Insert field buttons allow you do so:

  • Highlight Merge Fields: shows where the existing fields are in your document; you can click this button to toggle this feature on and off
  • Address Block: gives you a dialog box to select the elements of the address, including city, state, and zip code, that you would like to insert
  • Greeting Line: gives you a dialog box to select the greeting of a letter, as in "Dear Mr. John D. Smith, Jr.", that you would like to insert
  • Insert Merge Field: menu for inserting any of the available fields of data source, such as First_Name or Email_Address
  • Rules: gives you a menu and dialog boxes for setting conditions on fields (If... Then... Else)
  • Match Fields: allows you to match your fields with fields Word recognizes (Ex: Home=Home Phone)

    In addition to inserting fields from your data source (address list) Quick Parts (on the Insert tab) allows you to insert fields for document properties like the print date or filename.


Select & Edit Recipient Buttons

Once you have created your document, you may want to change which recipients (data source) you want to work with.  You can do so with the Select & Edit Recipient buttons:

  • Select Recipients: allows you to pick which list from Access, Excel, Word or Outlook, you will use
  • Edit Recipients List: allows you to pick which recipients from the list


Finish & Merge Button

Once you are satisfied with your document, you can use the Finish & Merge document for customizations and/or printing:

  • Edit Individual Records: lets you save merged results as a new document where you can customize each record individually
  • Print All or Current Record: print every recipient's copy or just the one you currently see

    You must use Finish & Merge to print a merged document!