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Eudora Junk Filtering


Eudora Junk Filtering

You know that your incoming PSU mail is marked with a spam header flag and can be filtered accordingly, but did you know that Eudora also tries to detect junk mail for you?  Eudora's junk settings are configured to send messages detected as spam directly to your junk mailbox.  It can also be trained over time to determine which messages are junk and which ones are not.

Configuring Junk Settings for Eudora

  1. Go to Tools→Options... A dialog box appears.
  2. In the Options dialog, select the Junk Mail category. 
  3. The Junk Threshhold area sets how aggressive Eudora will be when filtering your junk. If you set it too low, you will have more junk in your inbox.  If you set it too high, the messages you want may end up in your Junk mailbox.  For now, leave it at 50 and come back to it later if you need to make adjustments.
  4. The Junk and Address Books area has two checkboxes. 
    1. Check Mail isn't junk if sender is in an address book to make sure mail from people on your address book does not go into your junk folder. 
    2. Leave Put Not Junk-ed senders in address book unchecked so that your address book doesn't fill up.
  5. The Junk Mailbox area tells Eudora where to place your junk messages.  Check Automatically place junk in Junk mailbox so that junk will automatically go to your Junk mailbox.
  6. The Trimming Junk Mailbox has settings to automatically delete Junk mail. 
    1. Check Remove mail that is least __ days old to automatically remove Junk mail. 
    2. Check Warn before removing to get a warning before Eudora deletes it.  
  7. Once you are finished with your Junk Mail settings, click OK.

Training the Eudora's Adaptive Junk Filtering

Now let's look at marking a message as "Junk"...  Eudora's adaptive junk filtering gets more accurate if you "train" it.  To do so, you must mark messages as junk instead of just deleting them.  Over time, Eudora will learn how to recognize a junk message by how you have identified other junk messages. 

  • To mark a message as junk, right-click on it and select Junk.
  • To mark a message from your junk box that you would like to keep, right-click and select Not Junk.