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Archiving Eudora Email


Archiving Eudora Email

Things to Keep in Mind When Archiving Eudora Mailboxes...

  1. Archived mail must be on your hard drive or network file space to launch Eudora.
  2. Mailbox .mbx files can be read using Notepad (but they’re not pretty).
  3. Attachments need to be considered. They can not be opened from the archived email message and must be retrieved separately using Word, Excel, etc.
  4. Deleted email messages, mailboxes and attachments can not be restored.
  5. Archiving email requires some preparation:
    1. Create a new Eudora folder to hold messages to be archived.
    2. Transfer mailboxes and email messages to be archived to the archive folder.
    3. Identify attachments that are associated with the email messages you wish to archive.


Archiving Mailboxes to Drives

Step One: Creating a Folder

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Select the desired drive using the drop down arrow at the address line.
  3. Click File?New?Folder.
  4. Overwrite folder called New Folder with desired name (e.g. "0907archive").


Step Two: Copying the Eudora Mailbox to the New Archive Folder

  1. Select drive C:\ using the drop down arrow at the address line.
  2. Go to Documents and Settings?userid?My Documents?Mail (You should now see a list of files which includes your Eudora mailboxes (.mbx) and TOC files (.toc).)
  3. Copy the Eudora archive mailbox files (.mbx and .toc) to the email archive folder created in Step 1.


Step Three: Copy Selected Eudora Attachments to the New Archive Folder

  1. Open each email message with an attachment.
  2. Right-click on attachment and select Save Attachment As.
  3. Save to your archive folder.

To open a selected archived mailbox, simply double-click on the .mbx Mailbox and Eudora will launch.


Please note: Both the .mbx and corresponding .toc file must be present to launch Eudora. Attachment file references are now displayed as broken links and must be opened independently of Eudora.


Archiving Mailboxes to CD

You can burn selected .mbx and .toc files, as well as attachment files, or entire archive folders to a CD using the tool installed on your machine (either Roxio Creator or Sonic RecordNow). Your CD mailbox files (.mbx and .toc) and attachments, like all data files burned to a CD, will have the read-only attribute set. To open them again in Eudora you will need to:

  1. Copy the selected .mbx and .toc files from the archive CD to your hard drive or network file space.
  2. Select the copied files, right-click.
  3. Choose Properties.
  4. Unclick the "read only" checkbox and click OK.
  5. Double-click on the .mbx file and Eudora will launch.

Thoroughly test the performance of your archive files before deleting the archive folder created on your drive. Test by opening selected email messages and attachments.