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On December 18 our WikiSpaces was enhanced to allow federated access through InCommon and OpenID. That means we can choose to share spaces on WikiSpaces with other universities with whom we often collaborate, and we can even share with people who authenticate with Yahoo or Gmail (as examples). It also now offers the choice of a real anonymous read access for anyone. However, this enhancement causes some changes in how we access WikiSpaces. Hopefully the information below will help you get what you want with minimal inconvenience.

  1. When you go to the URL you are expecting to see the familiar WebAccess authentication the first time you do this in a browser session. Instead you go directly into the enhanced WikiSpaces, but it looks different.

    (info) There are lots of spaces showing here, and the only tab you see is called Global. They are all the wiki spaces that allow anonymous read access.

  2. In order to get to the authenticated WikiSpaces for Penn State you must click on LogIn in the upper right corner. When you do you get another page that may be unfamiliar to you.

    (info) This is the interface that allows you to define where you are authenticating from.

  3. There are several paths through this page, but I will recommend the one below if you just want to get back to the Penn State Authenticated WikiSpaces.

  4. When you click on Select you will get our familiar WebAccess authentication page.

  5. When you supply your Penn State Access Account userid and password and click on Login, you are taken to the WikiSpaces you are more familiar with.

  1. From the dashboard, click either the button at the top right of the screen labeled Log In or the button at the top left of the screen labeled Login with Other Provider

  2. This will bring you to a screen labeled Select an identity provider. Select OpenID under Federation and OpenID Providers under Organization. You have 3 options next to the Select button. You can have WikiSpaces remember where you are logging in from for one session, an entire year, or not at all.
    (info) If you have WikiSpaces remember your preference and you would like to log in differently at a later date, simply clear your cookies in your browser. For information on clearing your cookies, consult your browser's documentation.

  3. You will now be in a menu labeled Choose an OpenID Identity Provider. Click on the provider that you wish to use to access WikiSpaces and follow your normal login procedure for that provider. When you are finished you will be taken back to the WikiSpaces Dashboard.

You now see the other tabs for Favorite, Team, New and Global. The All tab is now the Global tab.
(info) For more information on using the Dashboard, visit the tutorial on Customizing your Dashboard.

One key tip here: If you have documentation on WikiSpaces that is of general interest (like this page), you should mark the space as available for Anonymous. You do that by Browsing Space Admin and setting permission for Anonymous.

When you select Edit Permissions, you only get one option for Anonymous (View):

Click on the check box under View and do a Save All. Your space will now be readable from the unauthenticated Global list. More importantly, any HTTP links that people may have saved pointing to your pages here will now work without going through the federated access pages or through any authentication pages.
(info) For more information on editing permissions, view the tutorial on Changing who can view or edit a Space or a page.

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