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Wikispaces Tips

This is a crowd-sourced tips and help wiki for issues related to WikiSpaces (Confluence). Feel free to add topics (via new pages) or to contribute information within a topic that will help other users. You may very well find answers in the Confluence help documentation online (which is often quite good). BTW, if you simply add a page, it will appear in the list below automatically.


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  1. HI I would like links to open in a new page when I am linking outside of wikispace.  I found online solutions where the HTML is edited but what I find is that HTML text goes in OK...there is not any warning....but then after it is applied and saved I go back and it has been erased.  I have tried changing color numbers in the HTML editor and they save.   I have tried entering other text and sometimes that gets an error and I can't apply it.  But some of these outside suggestions are not error flagged...but also do not get saved.  Any ideas how to do this?   A radio button for that would be fantastic on the insert link menu