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Anatomy of the Dashboard

The WikiSpaces Dashboard is what you see when you first arrive at WikiSpaces. From here you are able to log in, view recent activity, navigate between the spaces, and add new spaces and pages. (Note: Certain activities, such as adding spaces and pages, require proper privileges. If you are unsure of whether or not you should be able to access these options, contact your space's administrator.)

Spaces Area

The Spaces area is comprised of four tabs/views:  My, Team, New, and All

  • Favourite: If Favourite is selected, all of the WikiSpaces listed as your Favorite Spaces will be listed. If you haven't indicated any Favorite pages, then nothing will be listed on your Favourite tab. To add a WikiSpace to your Favourite tab, click on the WikiSpaces star icon.
  • Team: If Team is selected, all related WikiSpaces will be grouped together. If a space has been given a team label, it will appear in the drop-down menu on the Team tab. More information about labels is outlined in the Creating Labels section of this documentation.
  • New: If New is selected, all of the most recent WikiSpaces will be displayed. Newly created WikiSpaces are grouped and listed by the date on which they were created. (Note: If no new spaces have been created within the last five days, then this option will not be available.)
  • Global: If Global is selected, all Penn State WikiSpaces which you have permission to view will be shown. This may include spaces which you can view, but not add to or edit.
    The Dashboard remembers which one of the views (Favourite, Team, New or Global) you were most recently viewing. So if you clicked the Favourite tab on this visit, next time around, as soon as you log in to Confluence, only the list of your favourite spaces and the recently modified content within them will be displayed to you.

Add Space

Click Add Space on your dashboard to begin creating a new WikiSpace. For detailed instructions on how to create a space, see the Creating a New Space section of this documentation.

Feed Builder

Click the Feed Builder link to create your own, customized RSS Feed. If you use a feed reader, like Sage, Google Reader, etc., then you might consider using this feature. Your reader will then display any updated WikiSpaces content for which you created feeds. For details, follow the instructions provided via Confluence's Building an RSS Feed documentation.

People Directory

Click on the People Directory link to list all the individuals who have/use WikiSpaces at Penn State. Once you click on this link, the People Directory screen appears and lists WikiSpace users. Note that you can click on the People with Personal Space link to only list those who have created/use personal profile pages.

Recently Updated

The Recently Updated section of your dashboard lists the recently updated pages and WikiSpaces under a specific view. For example, if you choose to list only your favourites via the Favourite tab, then the Recently Updated section will only list the updates for the Favourite view WikiSpaces. To show more or fewer updates, simply click the grey - or + icons.

Favorite Pages

The Favorite Pages section reflects anything you have chosen to list as a favorite page. To list a page in this section, go to a WikiSpace and click the star icon.

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