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WikiSpace labels serve as tags - or keywords - that can be assigned to pages and spaces to further organize, group, and bookmark content. The purpose labels serve is very similar to the purpose tags serve with blogging and social bookmarking. WikiSpace labels are user-created, and can be global or personal. Global labels are available to all users of a particular space. Those who can view particular pages can also view its labels. Likewise, those users with permission to edit, can add global labels. Personal labels, on the other hand, can be viewed only by the creator. Any user with view permissions can add personal labels to pages. Labels appear and are added to a page via the lower portion of a page.

Adding and Editing Page Labels

  1. While viewing or editing a page, click the Add Labels button. A text field appears.
    (info) If there are already labels associated with a page, and you would like to add more, click the Edit button that will appear next to the labels.

  2. Enter a keyword/keywords. If you're entering more than one keyword, make sure to separate the words with one space. If you are adding labels while viewing the page, then click the Add button. If you are adding labels while editing the page, then click the Done button once you have entered all of your desired labels.

  3. The page labels now appear at the bottom of the page.
  4. To remove page labels while in edit mode, you can simply remove the keywords from the text field and click Save. In view mode you can also click the red x that appears next to each label to remove it. The tags will no longer display.

Adding/Editing Space and Team Labels

In order to Add or Edit Space and Team Labels you must be a space administrator.
Creating space labels assists with grouping the other contacts you have created in WikiSpaces. Likewise, team labels provide a way to group together related spaces for project teams. Team labels appear within the space's team tab on your dashboard.

  1. From the WikiSpace, click the Browse button at the top of your screen and click the Space Admin option from the drop down menu. The Space Administration screen appears.

  2. Click the Space Labels tab. The Space Labels screen appears.

  3. The page is divided into two sections. On the left side you can add Space Labels and on the right side you can add Team Labels. From this menu you can add space and team labels the same way that you add a page label. Note that you can use pre-existing team labels from the box below Team Labels.