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Table of Contents

About Learning Design Summer Camp

Camp Fire logo
The fourth annual Learning Design Summer Camp is currently in the planning stages and we could use your help! Camp is a community-created organized event. An informal space for people involved with education technology and course design to get together to show, tell, share, and create. This year we're excited to build the camp around three major themes currently at play in higher education: globalization, digital research, and the future of the classroom (each briefly described below). We hope this will be a fun, thought-provoking, interactive event where we slice out a piece of time to delve deeper into these themes. Building camp together is what makes it the unique event it has become.

So if you have ideas in mind for sessions you'd like to see or activities that you think we should try, just edit the wiki! If you want to be even more involved, consider adding your name to the organizer's list.

So what can you do? 

SHOW -- what do you want to learn about at Camp? this is where to say it!

SHARE -- ideas. thoughts. have you seen something worth exploring? tell us!

CREATE -- time. skills. we need your help to help create what camp will be this year!

PLAY -- be open to exploring new ideas in an unconventional setting.

VOLUNTEER -- camp is meant to be an event created by and for our learning design community. See something you want to be part of? Sign up. Have an idea for an activity you'd like to lead. Pitch it here.

Camp Themes

This year we want to explore three themes. How we do that is up to you. Read more about these themes, and then help us decide how to explore them. Have you read about work in this area? Perhaps you'd like to lead a discussion group. Want to know more about a technology that fits into the theme? Suggest a lightning talk. Have a fabulous idea but don't know where to put it? We'll take that too! 

Globalization in Education

Sam Richards and Laurie Mulvey have their students working with entrepreneurs in Haiti and using videoconferencing to connect Penn State students to students in Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Israel, and Palestine.  Michael Elavsky has his students discussing cultural differences in the media with students in the Czech Republic. In what other ways are we extending Penn State to the world? How can we take global issues and make them relevant for students in Central Pennsylvania? How are we connecting students across campuses, colleges, and continents?

Read more, explore the resources, and help plan this theme.

Digital Research

From vetted journals to well-written blogs to community-edited publications, it seems as if more information is at our finger tips than any other time in history. But how does this availability of materials impact our ability to conduct scholarly research? Is doing research digitally different than going about it via the traditional methods? What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital research? How do we, as scholars, have to change our approach to research in the digital age?

Read more, explore the resources, and help plan this theme.

Classroom of the Future

At the end of Clay Shirky's keynote address to the 2011 TLT Symposium attendees, Sam Richards asked Shirky, "So what will my classroom look like 20 years from now?" Well, it's been a question rolling around the Learning Design Community since. From the physical construct of the classroom to informal learning spaces, to learning in the wild. It all seems to be possible. But what is probable? And, more importantly, what is best for each situation?

Read more, explore the resources, and help plan this theme.

Dates, Times, Location, Final Schedule

Learning Design Summer Camp 2011 will be held in Paterno Library on July 21 (8 AM - 5 PM) and July 22 (8 AM - 12 PM). Most of the sessions will take place in Foster Auditorium, but lunches and small group discussions will happen at local campus dining locations and meeting rooms throughout Pattee Library.

For more information on Foster Auditorium, please see:
* Venue information:  Foster Auditorium

For a listing of the finalized discussion topics and event schedule, please see:
* Learning Design Summer Camp 2011 Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

Please use the "edit" link above to share thoughts with us related to the Schedule of Events. This is still a work in progress and we intend to find ways to include other topics. Also, please note we are going to have open sessions that will be determined by open participation by the community. Get ready — we hope everyone will contribute!

* LDSC11 Proposed Pre-Camp Events
* LDSC11 Proposed Events Day 1
* LDSC11 Proposed Events Day 2

Register and Volunteer

Community involvement is critical at Camp! Everyone attending the event can help to shape the event through this wiki. During Camp, we expect campers to be heavily engaged in discussion and recording the event through blog entries, Twitter, photo sharing, and anything else they feel like doing to capture the ideas and feeling of the Summer Camp.

Use #LDSC11 to tag your contents to be searchable by everyone.

The attendees last year came from many different campuses, colleges, and work groups. They included instructional designers, education technologists and other IT staff, librarians, faculty, multimedia specialists, and graduate students. If you're in one of these categories or have an interest in the themes and presentations for this year's event, then please consider contributing ideas to this wiki and attending LDSC11.

* Register or volunteer for LDSC11

Fun Stuff

5K Fun Run

5K Fun Run pin

Yes, you healthy, healthy campers, our third annual 5K is once again scheduled for Thursday after camp. This year, we're keeping it cool as we do a 5K amble, rather than a 5K run. Starting at 5:30 on the front steps of Pattee Library (at the top of the mall) for our third annual 5K -- that's 5,000 footsteps around campus. That's right -- it's ALL FUN, NO RUN! Join us for some convivial ambling through a scenic route that takes you around campus and finishes at the Nittany Lion shrine for a photo op! This is a family-friendly event, so feel free to bring spouses, partners, kids, dogs, strangers you grab from the sidewalk... everybody is welcome! Lockers in Rec Hall are available for those who exert themselves enough to want a shower, and all people who finish get one of this year's new buttons!

Read more about this optional activity, and sign up to participate.


Camp Cupcake
Camp cupcakes are a tradition! Created by Hannah Inzko, her Baking Fool Cupcakes are always a big hit with campers. This year campers can vote on the 2011 Camp cupcakes. So far, we've gotten s'mores cupcakes and peanut butter and jelly cupcakes. How can it get any closer to camp? So pick your favorite — the flavor with the most votes wins!

CRITICAL UPDATE: Aaaaaaaand the winner for this year's camp cupcake flavor is ......CHOCOLATE MALT! Deeeeeelicious! Be sure to arrive early Thursday to register and snag a treat before they're all gone. Early campers get the cupcakes!

Digital Art Show for "The Globe"

Map of Africa

We are inviting the community to invite submit digital images in the theme of "The Globe." Images can be literal, abstract, tangential or even recycled! These photos will be used to create a online slide show celebrating the theme of globalization. See the Digital Art Show page for more details.


Stickers seem to have become a favorite camp extra! This year, choose some of your favorite stickers from past camps and events to decorate your Camp nametag and illustrate your passions.

Alternative Business Cards

Alternative Cards
Don't have business cards to bring to Camp? No problem! Some people generated some alternative business cards. If you would like to make your own business cards to represent your life in social media, you may want to start with the online business card generator that some of the attendees used last year--or just create your own.

Camp Swag from Cafe Press

Camp Swag
As always, there is camp swag! At our Cafe Press store, we will have the latest LDSC11 t-shirts, hats, mugs, buttons---you name it, it's probably there! However, we'd love to see veteran campers wear their swag from past years! Order early, and show up to camp in style -- or, alternatively, order commemorative swag to celebrate the fun of camp!

See you at Camp!

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