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  • LDSC11 Schedule Day 2, Friday, July 22nd, Foster Auditorium
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Table of Contents

8:00AM - 8:20AM

A little time for us to gather our wits & get ready to rock day 2.

8:20AM - 8:30AM Announcements

Welcome back, jump into day's events.

8:30AM - 11:30AM Classroom of the Future

Hannah Inzko will lead us through various activities asking the question, What will the classroom of the future look like?

At the end of Clay Shirky's keynote address to the 2011 TLT Symposium attendees, Sam Richards asked Shirky, "So what will my classroom look like 20 years from now?" Well, it's been a question rolling around the Learning Design Community since. From the physical construct of the classroom to informal learning spaces, to learning in the wild. It all seems to be possible. But what is probable? And, more importantly, what is best for each situation?

Go here to read more about what Hannah has in store for us:

(9:50AM - 10:20AM Break)  Musical Play on the iPod

A brief introduction to the iPod as a musical device from Dr. Ann Clements, Chris Stubbs and Trace Brown.  During the break, come down and try out various music apps.  All are welcome.  Musicians and non-musicians alike.

11:30 - Noon Wrap-up

Some final thoughts on camp and moving forward.

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