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  • LDSC11 Schedule Day 1, Thursday, July 21st, Foster Auditorium
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Table of Contents

8AM - 8:30AM Registration & Networking

Come early to mingle, register, create your name badge, collect your lunch pass & game card.

Camp Radio - We want to play some camp themed music during this time so we've created a station of summertime blues on Grooveshark. Help us fill out the playlist by entering a favorite song or artist; a song or artist that comes to mind when you think back to the days of summer vacation. Add my request:

8:30AM - 9AM Welcome

Welcome to camp, Poll of people who've previously attended; fourth category of play. - Allan Gyorke

General overview, housekeeping items - Jeff Swain

9AM - 11:30AM Digital Research

Emily Rimland will lead us through various activities surrounding the topic of digital research.

Theme Description: The seemingly endless well of materials available online provide scholars a rich pool of resources from which to draw upon. From vetted journals to well-written blogs to community-edited publications, it seems as if more information is at our finger tips than any other time in history. But how does this availability of materials impact our ability to conduct scholarly research? How do new tools and devices influence our research workflow? Is doing research digitally different than going about it via the traditional methods? What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital research? How do we, as scholars, have to change our approach to research in the digital age?

To find out more about what Emily has in store, check out the digital research page:

11:30AM - 1:00PM Lunch

Use your lunch card at places such as Otto's Restaraunt in Kern and the good old Hub where there are restaurants for every palette.

1:00PM - 3:30PM Globalization in Higher Education

Elizabeth Pyatt will lead us through various activities surrounding the topic of globalization in higher education.

Sam Richards & Laurie Mulvey and their students are working with entrepreneurs in Haiti and using videoconferencing to connect American Jews to Palestinian students in Gaza. Michael Elavsky has his students discussing cultural differences in the media with students in the Czech Republic. In what other ways are we extending Penn State to the world? How can we take global issues and make them relevant for students in Central Pennsylvania? How are we connecting students across campuses, colleges, and continents?

To see more of what Elizabeth has planned, check out the globalization page:

3:30PM - 4:00PM Afternoon Break & Campfire Ghost Stories

Grab a beverage & a snack & head outside to feel the sun. But don't forget to check out our scary display of educational technologies gone wrong in the Mann Auditorium. Robin Smail will be leading up this activity and one can only imagine what she has in store for us.

4:00PM - 4:30PM Campfire Ghost Stories Redux

We'll end the day as a group back in Foster sharing our scary stories. Robin will facilitate the discussion to help make sure we do not get too scared!

4:30PM - 4:45PM End of Day Wrap Up

Wrap of events, and brief overview of evening activities -- 5K run and Food for Thought Dinners.

Evening Activities

Evening activities are voluntary and designed for us to kick back, maybe do a little run, & enjoy breaking bread in each others company. Register for any of the evening's festivities by adding your name in the appropriate place below.

Third Annual Summer Camp 5K Run/Walk/Bike AMBLE!

  • Start time: 5:30PM
  • Location: Meet at the front steps of Pattee Library (at the top of the mall) for our third annual 5K. The weather may be hot, but the company is cool. Join us for some convivial ambling through a scenic route that takes you around campus. See the map of the course below for more information.
  • Please Note: The finish line is REALLY close to Whiskers!

Since the weather forecast is calling for Hot! Hot! HOT!, we've decided to turn our 5K Fun Run into the $5K Amble. What is that? Quite simply, it's a leisurely walk through some of the scenic portions of campus, valued at over $5,000 but for YOU, dear Campers, a steal for FREE Thursday only! Meet us on the front steps of Pattee and stroll along with us as we walk through the shady and scenic University Park campus, ending up at the Nittany Lion Shrine (photo op, anyone??). We'll issue you a badge and a bottle (of water!) at the start and keep things cool, cool, cool. Feel free to change into comfy shoes and bring along your own water bottle if you prefer.

  • Please Note: This event is ALL FUN, NO RUN!
  • Organizer: Stevie Rocco, Robin Smail
  • Coveted 5K Pin to all participants
  • You can use the lockers in Rec Hall to Shower afterwards, if needed. You must bring a lock for the lockers. Towels are available near the lockers!
  • This is a family-friendly event. Bring spouses/partners/etc... and kids and dogs if you like.
Be a 5K Volunteer

Since we've drastically altered the course and reduced the distance, we don't anticipate needing our volunteers. Why not join us for a little ambling?

Be a 5K Participant

If you are planning to do the amble, please put your name below so we know how many folks to expect along the route.

  • Hannah Inzko
  • Chris Millet
  • Allan Gyorke
  • Carol McQuiggan (walker)
  • Julie Meyer
  • Tricia Clark
  • Jackie Ritzko (maybe) (walker)
  • Amy Roche
  • Dean Shaffer
  • April Millet
  • Kevin Freet

Food for Thought Dinners

This is an opportunity for attendees to get together for dinner and an informal discussion of topics of their choice. Each location will have its own topic, but feel free to stray or suggest your own. This is more of a social event for networking. Each topic group is responsible for self-organizing, choosing a location and time, and posting ideas on this wiki page. There is no formal process for this!

Dinner costs are on your own.

Suggested start time: 7PM (to allow 5K participants time to finish)

Suggested Locations: Good food, mostly local places that serve adult beverages.

Suggest a topic below or sign up for a session you want to attend!

  • Topic 1: Classroom of the future   
    • Location: Cozy Thai Bistro
    • Proposed by: Hannah Inzko
    • Attendees:
      • Lauren Beal
      • Allan Gyorke
      • Name
  • Topic 2: Faculty Professional Development (regarding LDSC topics)  
    • Location:Mad Mex
    • Proposed by: Carol McQuiggan
    • Attendees:
      • Brett Bixler
      • Name
      • Name
  • Topic 3: Future of Online & Hybrid Learning (ie. what's on the horizon?, how do we become more efficient?, is mobile a reality? ....)
    • Location: Otto's Pub and Brewery
    • Proposed by: Wayne Anderson (I'm a Pub Club member and can make a reservation. Let me know. ~Robin)
    • Attendees:
      • James Mundie
      • Audrey Romano
      • Amy Roche
      • Ron Costello
      • Julie Meyer
      • Jackie Ritzko
      • Dean Schaffer
      • Richard Pastore
      • Eileen Grodziak
      • Brenda Farver
      • Name
  • Topic 4:  Globalization
    • Location: Penang (Malaysian & Asian Cuisine)
    • Proposed by: Elizabeth Pyatt
    • Attendees:
      • Name
      • Name
      • Name
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