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Table of Contents

Be a Part of Learning Design Summer Camp 2011

Everyone attending the event can and should help to shape the event through this wiki. During the event, we expect the attendees to be heavily engaged in discussion and recording the event through blog entries, Twitter, photo sharing, and anything else they feel like doing to capture the ideas and feeling of Summer Camp.

The attendees last year came from many different campuses, colleges, and work groups. They included instructional designers, education technologists and other IT staff, librarians, faculty, multimedia specialists, and graduate students. If you're in one of these categories or have an interest in the themes and presentations for this year's event, then please consider contributing ideas to this wiki and attending LDSC11.

Register to Attend

If you are planning to attend the Learning Design Summer Camp, please add your name and contact information below. Space is limited! 

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  1. Robin Smail,, @robin2go, TLT, University Park
  2. Jeff Swain,, @jeffswain, TLT, University Park
  3. Audrey Romano,, @iaudrey, TLT, University Park
  4. Emily Rimland,, @gruenelf, University Libraries, University Park
  5. Brett Bixler,, brettbixler, ITS Training Services
  6. Allan Gyorke,, @agyorke, TLT, University Park
  7. Cole Camplese,, @colecamplese, TLT, University Park
  8. Jackie Ritzko,, @jackier,
  9. Elizabeth Pyatt,, @ejp10inpublic, TLT UP
  10. Wayne Anderson,, @weanders, Behrend
  11. Jaimen Gallo,, @ja1m3n , Behrend
  12. Angela Dick,, @angeladick21, University Park
  13. Ellysa Cahoy,, @ellysa, University Libraries, University Park
  14. Stevie Rocco,, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute, University Park
  15. Glenna Emel,, @gjemel, ITS Training Services, University Park
  16. Eileen Grodziak,, @eileengr, Lehigh Valley
  17. John Meier,, @johnmeier1, University Libraries, University Park
  18. Vicki Brightbill,, @vicki_psu, LLS, University Libraries, University Park
  19. Shannon Kennan,, @kennanss, College of Communications, University Park
  20. Cheryl Tkacs,, Fayette
  21. Kitt Camplese,, Smeal College of Business, University Park
  22. Julie Meyer,, @dancinjul, Great Valley
  23. Melissa Hicks, @juststormy, College of IST, University Park
  24. Wendy Mahan,, @wlm103, College of HHDEV
  25. Bryan Ollendyke,, @btopro , e-Learning Institute @ College of Arts and Architecture
  26. Qi Dunsworth,, @QiDunsworth, Penn State Behrend
  27. Anne Behler,, @annielivre, University Libraries, University Park
  28. Amy Roche,, Berks
  29. Mark Heckel, @sackosuds, ITS Training Services/University Park
  30. Patty Nordstrom,, @pacn1, ITS Training Services/University Park
  31. Tricia Clark,, @triciac, Berks
  32. Amy Garbrick,, Office of ID&I, College of IST, University Park
  33. Debora Cheney,, University Libraries
  34. Heidi Watson,, @sunshinehid, Information Technology Service, Training, University Park
  35. James Mundie,, @jmundie, World Campus
  36. Tim Perry,, @tperryEDU, Outreach CRM, Customer Systems, Web Services
  37. Kent Matsueda,, @matsueda, World Campus Learning Design, University Park
  38. Wade Shumaker,, @obahama, NC2IF, College of IST, University Park
  39. Natalie Harp,, @NatHarp, World Campus
  40. Larry Ragan, Fac Dev World Campus, LCR1@PSU.EDU
  41. Bart Pursel,, Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence (Friday only)
  42. Brian Young,, Education Technology Services, University Park
  43. Erin Long,, @erinlong, TLT, University Park
  44. Kevin Freet,, @PaleTwilight, University Park
  45. Stuart Selber,, @selber, University Park
  46. Ryan Wetzel,, @ryanwetzel, TLT/Media Commons, University Park
  47. Amanda Ireland,, @asirelan, World Campus
  48. Matt Meyer,,@mattmeyer24, ETS, University Park
  49. Brad Kozlek,, @bradk, ETS - University Park
  50. TK Lee,, @tklee, University Park
  51. Kate Miffitt,, kmiffitt, College of the Liberal Arts - University Park
  52. Elaine Gustus,, University Park
  53. Craig Gruneberg,, @clgberg, College of Health and Human Development
  54. Binky Lush,, @binkylush, University Libraries
  55. Carla Rapp,, @Rappc1, University Park
  56. Kristin Bittner,, @kristinkat23, PSU Harrisburg
  57. Carol McQuiggan,, @CarolMcQuig, PSU Harrisburg
  58. Shivaani Selveraj,, @bloomingvines, PSU Harrisburg
  59. Wael MY Mohamed,, University Park
  60. Rachel Wagner,, University Park
  61. Cindy Decker Raynak,,University Park
  62. Ron Costello,, @rjc35, PSU Abington
  63. Ravi Patel,, @rep129, Penn State World Campus
  64. Jeanette Condo,, @jeanettejco, Penn State World Campus
  65. Brian Shook,, @briandshook, TLT - University Park
  66. Martin Gutowski,, mjg8, Penn State,UP, EMS
  67. Joe Scott,, Penn State World Campus
  68. Cathy Holsing,, @cjh145, Liberal Arts
  69. Anita Colyer Graham,, @AnitaGraham, World Campus
  70. Chris Millet,, chrisdmillet, UP
  71. Tara Caimi,, @tcaimi, TLT - UP
  72. Derick Burns,, @DerickB, TLT - UP
  73. April Millet,, @aprillmillet, UP
  74. Akbar Khouzani,, University Park
  75. Nick Smerker,, @nickjs1984, TLT - UP
  76. Suzanne Bienert,, College of Agricultural Sciences, UP
  77. Dean Shaffer,, @drs40, PSU Lehigh Valley
  78. Veena Raman,, @vram08, PSU LA UP
  79. Mark Fisher,, @mdfphilpsu, Liberal Arts UP
  80. Christopher Long, longc@psu.ed, @cplong, Liberal Arts UP
  81. Alice Whiteside,, University Libraries, University Park
  82. Janis Mathewson,, University Libraries, University Park
  83. Ryan Johnson,, @realryanjohnson, University Libraries
  84. Kim Breon,,Outreach CRM, Customer Systems, Web Services
  85. Sam Richards,, @iunlearn, Liberal Arts UP
  86. Laurie Mulvey,, @lauriemulvey, Liberal Arts UP
  87. Matthew Bodek,, @matthewbodek, Brandywine
  88. Brenda Farver,, Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure, College of IST, University Park
  89. Cece Merkel,, UP
  90. Betsy Hutton,, UP
  91. General Ntshalintshali,, @generalfana, College of Education, University Park
  92. Thomas Wilson,, @tgw108, WPSU, UP
  93. Michelle Gillen,, Penn State Great Valley
  94. Roxanne Toto,, Leonhard Center, University Park
  95. Hannah Inzko, @wexlermoon,, UP
  96. Candace Davison,, @ccrd, UP
  97. Sherry Lonsdale,, University Libraries, UP
  98. Jim Hopf,, Penn State Abington, Web Marketing Manager
  99. Teri Noll,, tnstomper, College of Liberal Arts, University Park
  100. Sara Krome,, Law UP
  101. Peggy Smith,, ITS, UP
  102. Stephen Tuttle,, @stephentuttle1,UP
  103. Chris Gamrat,, University Park
  104. Jim Salvaggio,, University Park
  105. Christian Johansen,, @cjohansen, UP
  106. Carrie Khouzani,, University Park
  107. Lauren Beal,, @LaurenEBeal, UP
  108. Trace Brown,, @teb15, UP
  109. Rich Pastore,, @rspastore, GA
  110. Jamie Oberdick,, JamieOber, UP
  111. Ken Layng,, @klayng, UP
  112. Megan Layng,, @mlayng, UP
  113. Nancy Hallberg,, @ndw1, World Campus
  114. Alan Klein,, none, UP
  115. Jillian Balay,, @LAUSatPSU, UP
  116. Beth Raney,, bnr1, College of Ag Sciences, UP & eXtension
  117. Pete Eberle,, Fayette Campus
  118. Vicki Hoffman,, University Park (Administrative Information Services) 
  119. Brian Strauss,, @drzox, Learning Design WC, UP
  120. Bill Rose,, ELI in A&A, UP
  121. Nikke Moore,,@nikkemoore, ITS Training Services, UP
  122. Daniel Getz,, @dgetz15, UP
  123. Jim Jansen
  124. Michael Elavsky
  125. Davis Shaver
  126. Dave Test
  127. Lisa Rusczyk,
  128. Julie R Runkle,, TLT/CLC, UP
  129. Pat Besong,, @pbesong, ETS, UP
  130. Vicki Williams, @vqw, TLT, UP
  131. Nikki Massaro Kauffman,, @nikkimk, World Campus Learning Design, UP
  132. Alice Shapiro,, @ars301, World Campus Learning Design, UP
  133. Simone Holligan, Dept Nutritional Science, UP
  134. Michael Tribone,, Ag Sci
  135. Kim Winck,, TLT, UP
  136. Stef Seasholtz,, Methodology Center
  137. Justin Miller
  138. Mike M. Rook,, Krause Innovation Studio, UP
  139. Pei-Wei Lee, Penn State UP

Notice.  All waitlisted hopefuls have been moved to registered status. We look forward to seeing you at Camp!

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Volunteer to Help

There are many ways you can help with Learning Design Summer Camp! We need people to help organize, offer to be back channel assistants, or even help pulling cables and packing the equipment vans after camp. If you would like to volunteer, please add your name to the appropriate list below:


If you would like to help organize this event, please add your name to the list below and your thoughts to the wiki.

  • Hannah Inzko,, @wexlermoon, Media Commons
  • Robin Smail,, @robin2go, TLT, University Park
  • Jeff Swain,, @jeffswain, TLT, University Park
  • Audrey Romano,, @iaudrey, TLT, University Park
  • Elizabeth Pyatt,, @ejp10inpublic, TLT UP
  • Angela Dick,, @angeladick21, University Park
  • Khusro Kidwai,, @khusrokidwai, University Park
  • Kate Miffitt,, kmiffitt, University Park
  • Stevie Rocco,, University Park
  • Emily Rimland,, @gruenelf, University Libraries, University Park
  • Ryan Wetzel,, UP MC
  • Chris Stubbs,, UP EGC
  • Alice Whiteside,, University Libraries, University Park
  • Name, email, twitter, location

Backchannel Assistants

We'll need some backchannel savvy folk to help monitor the backchannel requests and media quality. 

  • Stevie Rocco, [|], [@stevier|], University Park
  • Jamie Oberdick, JamieOber, UP 
  • Name, email, twitter, location

Tear Down Crew

We need a few folk to pull up the cables and pack the power strips up, then carry them to a van after camp. This should only take 10-15 minutes. Get some exercise!

  • Carol McQuiggan,, @CarolMcQuig, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Angela Dick,, @angeladick21, University Park
  • Brenda Farver,, Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure, College of IST, University Park
  • Dan Getz,, @dgetz15, UP
  • Name, email, twitter, location
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  1. Looking forward to this!

    1. Hooray! So glad you're able to join us. See you at Camp!