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Ryan Wetzel & Alice Whiteside

Time: 1 pm - 4 pm, Wednesday July 20th

Location: Mann Room, Paterno Library

Session Description: In this workshop, we will explore strategies for translating scholarly research into compelling digital narratives, using various multimedia tools for story creation. This workshop is the first of its kind and showcase the union of Media Commons and University Libraries in the Knowledge Commons, and will be a prototype for additional Knowledge Commons workshops.

Registration: Due to space constraints, this workshop is limited to 20 participants.

  1. John Meier,, University Park, PA
  2. Jim Hopf,, Abington campus
  3. Eileen Grodziak,, Lehigh Valley
  4. Mark Fisher,, University Park
  5. Vicki Brightbill,, UP
  6. Cheryl McCallips,, UP
  7. Sandy Morgart,, UP
  8. Anne Behler,, UP
  9. Glenn Masuchika,, UP
  10. Loanne Snavely,, UP
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