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Schedule and Restaurant Guide  can now be downloaded as PDFs.

To help contribute to the Drupal @ PSU community make sure you check out:

Taking place July 20th, 2011

Drupal Camp has booked 4 rooms in the IST building for the July 20th 2011 event. 113, 202, 206, and 209

Drupal Camp PSU is a free, community driven event taking place the day before Learning Design Summer Camp.  The topics are based on the survey but we'll cover just about anything people want covered.  There are 2 main presentation rooms, and 2 small group discussion rooms.  One of these will be reserved for some other LDSC activities and another will be for conversations about topics not covered in the session / a more private space then the hallway.  Presentations that are geared to more specific groups will also be placed in this "bonus track".

All talks at this event will be discussing either Drupal 6 or 7.  The major differences between 6 and 7 are code and usability.  As they are functionality the same (either through additional modules or out of the box) these talks should benefit users of either version.  I can say now that many of the discussions will be from a Drupal 6 context and I'll be briefly going over the whole versioning debate in my opening talk.

If you are interested in talking about something please let know and we'll see what we can pen you in for.  Even if you've just used a Drupal site before, you have knowledge that others are interested in.  We'll be having a few open ended conversation / presentations as well as one session for people to just show-case some of the work they've done and answer questions anyone might have.  Come out and see just how big our community is.  Bryan plans on giving some brief remarks about the state of Drupal at Penn State to start the day but other then that this is very much in the barcamp / un-conference style of community driven topics and scheduling.

WE ARE...Drupal @ Penn State.

Question tool, leaving link here in case anyone wants to use it for their session. Would be good for the Q/A / "round-table" type of ones:

Social Media

Hash tag it up for posts about the event at #drupalpsu  . Also be sure to follow / tweet @psu_drupal and @psu_elms .  Make sure you get just plain #drupal and #psu in there too sometimes, show everyone how massive our community really is.

Adobe Connect / Recording

Cybertorium / Site Builder / ELMS --

Room 206 / Advanced Site Builder --

Server and Developer / Kaltura presentation rooms will be recorded for later viewing but not on Connect.



Site Builder Track  (113 Cybertorium -- 155 seats)

Advanced Site Builder Track (206 - 72 seats)

Server Track (202 -- 40 seats)

Developer / Kaltura Track (209 -- 16 seats)

10:00 - 10:20

State of Drupal @ PSU (bto108)  
Welcome to Drupal Camp! Where the community is going, When to upgrade, Services you can connect to, how to get involved 




10:30 - 10:55

Drupal: Internet Legos  
What is Drupal? - Eric (ema13

Understanding CCK (demo) - Stevie (sxr133

Drupal 6, Cosign and IIS 7 - Against the Grain : IIS instead of Apache (csm)  

Under the Hood of a Module - A Minimally Technical Introduction to Module Development (mak413

11:00 - 11:25

Drupal: Internet Legos Part 2  
 What modules should I use? - Eric (ema13

Building simple Views of CCK data (continuation of demo) - Stevie (sxr133

VMhosting, where we fit in to your ELMS deployment or any other VM service.(jos100/mjs253

Kaltura: Media Authoring and Management for Drupal (cxm470)

11:30 - 12:00

Drupal Distributions -- How we can learn about building new sites from previous ones.  I'll also be releasing a few sites using a method known as Seedling, and encourage site builders to do the same.(bto108)

Reserved for extended Views topic (iuk2

Drupal Multi-site Configuration: I Love It! I Hate It!  (mjg8


12:00 - 1:30

Lunch either downtown, in IST cafe area or brownbag in the hallway. no food in the labs please though both rooms will be open if people want to hang around and talk shop 

Lunch -- Room will be open though. 



1:30 - 2:30

Demo / Tour of ELMS (bto108)   
I'll talk about the ELMS initiative as well as the ICMS distribution (what most people currently mean when they say ELMS).  This will mostly be a demonstration of current functionality as well as where the project is heading.

The Rules Module and How to Use It (mak413



2:35 - 3:35

Instructional Designers interested in using ELMS (kdb163)

Converting a Theme to Drupal (baf139)



3:30 - 4:45

Site Show & Tell - All presenters / Anyone who wants to show a site they've done; this will be pretty open with everyone getting 5-10 minutes to show off cool projects and answer questions :)




4:45 - 5:00

Wrap up / Q & A / Go forth and Drupal -  
Answer any lingering questions as well as discuss how we can continue to grow the Drupal community @ PSU 





Close up shop and get a group together to go out to dinner downtown





  1. Bryan Ollendyke,, @btopro, College of Arts & Architecture
  2. Eric Aitala,,@ema13atPSU, ITS
  3. Martin Gutowski,, mjg8/gutowski, Dutton Institute/EMS
  4. Melissa Hicks,, @juststormy, Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure/IST
  5. Ron Costello,, @rjc35, PSU Abington
  6. Roxanne Toto,, rtoto, The Leonhard Center/College of Engineering
  7. Stevie Rocco,, @stevier, The John A. Dutton e-Education Institute/EMS
  8. Erin Long,, @erinlong, TLT
  9. Jackie Ritzko,, @jackier, PSU Hazleton
  10. Amy Garbrick,, @agarbrick, Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure, College of IST, UP
  11. Suzanne Bienert,, College of Agricultural Sciences UP, eLearning Initiative
  12. Carrie Khouzani,, College of Agricultural Sciences UP, eLearning Initiative
  13. Akbar Khouzani,, College of Agricultural Sciences UP, eLearning Initiative
  14. Mary Ann Mengel,, @MarnyM, PSU Berks
  15. Kevin Freet,, @PaleTwilight, Health and Human Development
  16. Robb Reed,, Penn State Law
  17. Mimi Ridenour,, @mimir, ITS
  18. Elaine Gustus,, @elaine10gus, Ag Science
  19. Jim Campbell,, Consulting and Support Services
  20. Dean Shaffer,, @drs40, PSU Lehigh Valley
  21. Yadin Flammer,, A&A
  22. Rachel Hudish,, @RachelHudish, Eberly College of Science
  23. Gary Cornelisse,, , College of Agricultural Sciences UP, AERS
  24. Lan Wei, Smeal College
  25. Todd Shamory,, , College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  26. Damian Futrick,, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  27. Trevor Flick,, University Office of Global Programs
  28. Andrew Gearhart,, , University Office of Global Programs
  29. Cindy Lake,, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  30. Amy Roche,, @amyroche, PSU Berks
  31. Erin Weber,, ErinMarieWeber, Smeal College of Business
  32. Shivaani Selvaraj,, @bloomingvines, PSU Harrisburg
  33. Stefanie Seasholtz,, @_StefwithanF, Health & Human Development
  34. Elizabeth Pyatt, [], ejp10inpublic, Education Technology Services
  35. Patti Fantaske,, @pfwebczar, IT Communications
  36. Stephen Tuttle,, @stephentuttle1, Liberal Arts Outreach
  37. Tess Crossen,, Eberly College of Science
  38. Jason Szotak,, @jeszotak, College of Engineering
  39. Steven Ketcham,, @stedak, College of Engineering
  40. Lance Bland,, @blandlm, College of Engineering
  41. Michael Calabro,, @thebsharps87, Eberly College of Science
  42. Misha Kononov,, @makononov, ITS User Services
  43. Brenda Farver,, @bfarver, , College of IST
  44. Elizabeth Wood,, ERWood, College of Earth & Mineral Sciences- EMS Energy Institute
  45. Mike Holzer,, @meholzer, PennTAP
  46. Mark Warren, mow1@psu.edul, ITS User Services
  47. Brad Fisher,, @baf139, College of Arts and Architecture
  48. Jason Heffner,, jasonheffner, ITS
  49. Chris Motch,, ITS
  50. James Vomero,, ITS
  51. Audrey Romano,, @iaudrey, ITS
  52. Glenn Johnson,, EMS/Science
  53. Christian Johansen,, @cjohansen, WebLion
  54. Julie Meyer,, @dancinjul, Great Valley
  55. Joe DeLuca,, Eberly College of Science
  56. Ravi Patel,, @rep129, Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure, College of IST, UP
  57. Chaz Bademan,, cub155, Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure, College of IST, UP
  58. Jeffrey Chen,, jwc5452,Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure, College of IST, UP
  59. Jeremy Ke,, jqk5213, Office of Instructional Design and Infrastructure, College of IST, UP
  60. Adam Spotts,, adamspotts, World Campus
  61. Michael Palmer,, @michpalmer, College of Arts and Architecture
  62. Chris Weaver,, Penn State Harrisburg
  63. Karen Pothering,, Penn State Schuylkill
  64. Ilhan Kucukaydin,, Penn State Harrisburg
  65. Matt Stakor,, ITS
  66. John Schubert,, ITS/Vmhosting
  67. Mathew Scott,, ITS/Vmhosting
  68. Jeff Badger,, ITS
  69. Debbie Gulick,, College of Arts and Architecture
  70. Khusro Kidwai,, khusrokidwai, Dutton e-Ed, College of EMS
  71. Tim Yeh,, COE Bioengineering
  72. Andrew Mshar,, Eberly Collegeof Science
  73. Karen M. Hackett,, @khackett, Information Technology Services (administrative unit)
  74. Natalie Novak,, Arts & Architecture
  75. Cynde Fleagle,, IT Communications
  76. Pei Wang,, IT Communications
  77. Kerrie Ferchalk,, Human Resource Development Center
  78. Robin Smail,, @Robin2go, TLT
  79. David Derstine,, Outreach - Penn State Business Solutions
  80. Jim Hopf,, Penn State Abington
  81. Denise Rill,, Outreach - Penn State Solutions
  82. Shari Walczak,, Geosciences, EMS
  83. Chuck Anderson,, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, EMS
  84. Tony Topper,, twitter: @tonytopper / ice5nake, Penn State Harrisburg
  85. Wayne Anderson,, @weanders/weanders, Behrend College
  86. Jaimen Gallo,, Behrend College
  87. Mike Collins,, College of Arts and Architecture
  88. Cindy Titsler,, TLT/CLC
  89. Kathy Smith,, Eberly College of Science
  90. Randi Neshteruk,, Eberly College of Science
  91. Mark Heckel,, sackosuds, ITS Training Services
  92. Anna Morrison,, EMS College, Energy and Mineral Engineering
  93. Matthew Bodek,, @matthewbodek, Penn State Brandywine
  94. Mark Fisher,, mdfphilpsu, Liberal Arts
  95. Shannon Kennan,, @kennanss, College of Communication
  96. Jeremy Hill,, Research - Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness
  97. Brad Kozlek,, bradk, ITS/TLT/ETS
  98. Natalie Harp,, NatHarp, World Campus
  99. Dan Meehan,,  A&A
  100. Matt Meyer,, mattmeyer24, ITS/TLT/ETS
  101. Christen Naugle,, Dept. of CSE, College of Engineering
  102. Julie Eble,, IT Communications
  103. Eric Prescott,, eprescott, Dept. of CSE, College of Engineering
  104. Darryl Noye,, dcnoye, AIS
  105. Ned Fenstermacher,, nedf23, Justice & Saftey Institute
  106. Tim Perry,, tperryEDU, Outreach
  107. Wendy Mahan,,, HHDEV
  108. Matthew Webb,, , Outreach
  109. Joe Fiochetta,, Penn State Alumni Association
  110. Kevin Morgan,, wilborne, ITS/CSS
  111. Wes Donahue,, Academic Outreach
  112. I-Pang Fu,, Academic Outreach
  113. Susan Taylor,, @SusanLT, ITS/CSS
  114. Jeremy Landes,, ITS/AIS
  115. John Lathrop,, ITS>CSS>User Services
  116. Chris Komlenic,, Health and Human Development
  117. Rich Pastore,,@rspastore/,Greater Allegheny
  118. Keith Bailey, College of Arts and Architecture
  119. Adam Bergstein,, @n3rdstein/, Outreach
  120. Raechel Bianchetti, BNKetti, Earth and Mineral Sciences
  121. Carol McQuiggan,, @carolmcquig, Harrisburg (will be there for morning only)
  122. Patricia Craig,, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment
  123. Bill Mountz,, @TBillPSU, ITS/ET
  124. Chad Fuller,, @cmaxfuller, Justice and Safety Institute
  125. John Carnicella,, @jbc103, ITS/CSS/User Services
  126. Nikki Massaro Kauffman,, @nikkimk, World Campus Learning Design
  127. Rebecca Merdes,, Agricultural Sciences
  128. Craig Haynal,, cah190, ITS/TLT/WebLion
  129. Maria Ruth,, College of Engineering
  130. Krista Kahler,, GeoVISTA Center, Earth and Mineral Sciences
  131. Jeanette Condo,, jeanettejco, World Campus
  132. Joni Barnoff,,,Digital Library Technoligies
  133. Tom Iwinski,, College of Engineering
  134. Deb Zimmerman,, College of Engineering
  135. Mike Fleck,, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  136. Michael Mulich,, @pumazi, ITS WebLion Group
  137. Pei-Wei Lee, Penn State
  138. TK Lee,, @tklee.psu, ITS TLT ETS
  139. Margaret Smith,, ITS
  140. name, email, twitter/drupal name, college
  141. name, email, twitter/drupal name, college
  142. name, email, twitter/drupal name, college
  143. name, email, twitter/drupal name, college
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  155. name, email, twitter/drupal name, college

Topics of Interest based on survey results of 71 entries (dropping  those lower than 20 votes):

  • What modules to use (45)
  • Theme Development (40)
  • Media embedding and management options (37)
  • Video Streaming / ELIMedia (35)
  • Views Module (and sub-modules) (34)
  • Module Development (34)
  • Integration with Central services (Webaccess, ANGEL, LDAP) (33)
  • Content Construction Kit (CCK) Module (30)
  • Creating Content (29)
  • Drupal's Information Architecture (28)
  • Drupal for education / Learning Management (27)
  • Multisite (26)
  • Usability Improvements for Drupal (24)
  • When to upgrade to other Drupal versions (5 to 6, 6 to 7, n to n+1) (24)
  • Tools for site migration and back up (23)
  • ELMS (20)
  • Domain Access (20)
  • Asset Management (20)
  • No labels