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Oracle Calendar Etiquette, A Tea Party


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This wikispace is to plan a Penn State University Libraries In-Service day session on Oracle Calendar Etiquette:

Session Title

Oracle Calendar Etiquette: A Tea Party

Session Time


Session Presenters a.k.a. "Hostesses"

Shannon Malkowski and Nikki Massaro Kauffman

Suggested Venue for Session

  • Mann, group study room?, or similar room with tables or seating that can be rearranged in a "tea party" set up
  • prefer a breakfast or snack/tea time session time slot (not right after lunch)

Session Requirements

  • access to a projector

Session Objectives/Outcomes

Attendees will understand what steps they can take to make Oracle Calendar easier to use for their colleagues, including:

  • including the location on meetings.
  • replying to meeting proposals.
  • setting normal and extended hours.
  • marking vacation time.
  • when not to add people to a proposal.
  • using correct terminology (i.e. Oracle Calendar, not Oracle).

Session Materials 

  • handouts (we should do something with the header styles in a script font)
  • snacks, such as cakes, cookies or bagels
  • coffee or tea
  • background mood music (suggestions???)


Including Locations on Meetings

add location & make sure it appears in location

changing makes it disappear

make have to write it in

Replying to Meeting Proposals

do it asap

if can't attend, mark it & contact person. sending an email when you decline as a best practice.

check in-tray once per day/set it so it pops up

Setting Normal and Extended Hours

mark this!!!!

especially if you work something other than 8-5 full-time!!!!

Marking Vacation Time, Extended Absences, Conferences, Sabbaticals, Etc.

Unless you want someone scheduling meetings in Oracle Calendar while you are away, mark any time you are unavailable due to:

  • vacations
  • extended absences/leaves
  • conferences
  • sabbaticals
  • etc. 

If the absence is of a personal nature, you may use the access rights to configure the time as confidential.

Also, if you find that you are no longer able to attend prior commitments (out sick, etc.), you may want to change (or have a designate change) your replies in Oracle to Will Not Attend.

When Not to Add People to a Proposal

In some cases, like when you are scheduling your own personal vacation time, you should not include others on the proposal as participants.  Here are things you can do to make others aware of this event:

  • Make your vacation time public on your calendar.
  • If you do not want this time public, configure your access rights so that selected individuals can view it.
  • Send an email to selected individuals instead.
  • Ask a person for his/her preferences for notification before assuming. (This goes for everyone along the chain of command.  Supervisors and Staff Assistants alike have many people who wish to inform them of their availability, so don't assume you are the only one trying to fill someone's calendar or inbox!)

Using Correct Terminology

Make sure you use "Oracle Calendar" instead of "Oracle". "Oracle" is the company and a database management system product.  If you say you are having trouble with Oracle, there will be confusion over which product is actually at fault.

Additionally, when referring to any menu, command, button, etc. within Oracle Calendar, make note of the exact terminology used.  This will make it easier for you to search the application's help files as well as get help from ITS HelpDesk.

Designates: With Great Power...

Shannon TODO

Set Up Email Reminders

For new meeting & modified meetings.

Consider meeting reminders as well.


What is a resource? Instruction rooms, meeting rooms, scheduling, etc. (same word for all 3)

Make it public. Since it is public, don't put confidential info in title & desc. (Ex: Interview #1, #2, #3)


Daily notes=replacement for banners.

Dummy meetings for desk time. Avoid blocking several days of time.

Tools>Formatting>Save State for Saving last config calendars for multiple calendars.


Set travel time before and after meetings outside of your building.

Use Open Group Agenda for scheduling multiple people and/or resources to find the best time for all of them. (You can print this view too as a group calendar.)