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About Cece: iGoogle and GoogleDocs

I am a metadata specialist at Penn State Outreach. I work with WPSU and World Campus to better manage the digital assets that each group produces (e.g. materials connected to a video production or a course). We work to find ways of tagging assets so that they can be found internally (e.g. finding a clip of the Nittany Lion in Spring) and externally (helping people find video and other content when they visit or other departmental websites).

Twitter ID: cecem
Phone: 814-867-1238
Office Hours: I'm happy to answer questions at other times as you are experimenting with these new technologies.

A few Web 2.0 tools that I use:

Technology Experiments:

I recently bought a mini notebook that I use at home and when traveling to access the web (10" screen, 3lbs). I'm trying to figure out how much data I can and want to store "in the clouds" and how to sync up my data across computers.
 I am experimenting with:

  • tools that let me access data even if I don't have an internet connection  - GoogleGears - lets you have local copies of gmail, google docs, google calendar, to do lists via remember the milk, etc. on your computer
  • tools that let me backup and sync files between home and work computers; dropbox - lets you sync files across computers, 2 gigs free, and Mozy - automated backup, 2 gigs free, I've also experimented with amazon's s3 service
  • web tools that let me sync up backup photos - flickr and picassa are possibilities
  • different operating systems - the system came with windows, I installed linux, I'd like to tri-boot and install the mac operating system


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