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The following information is intended to provide you with an overview of the steps for the 2010 SRDP process, as well as a consolidated set of links to the documents used throughout the process.  If you have any questions about this year's SRDP, please contact Susan Morse. 


February 15, 2010

ITS HR Distribute Final JRW’s to Managers

February 15, 2010 -  April 30, 2010

Senior Directors Communicate Unit Deadlines

Steps in the process:

  • Employee completes Employee Input Form
  • Manager completes SRDP and development action plan
  • Manager reviews rating with next level of supervision
  • Next level of supervision signs SRDP
  • Manager/employee hold face-to-face meeting
  • Manager/employee sign ITS Community Principles and SRDP form
  • Manager forwards completed SRDP to Senior Director

April 30, 2010

Senior Directors forward completed SRDPs to ITS HR assistant for unit

May 15, 2010

ITS HR enter data into OHR website


2010 SRDP Forms & Development Action Plan

Document 2009-10 Performance Assessment
2 Forms Available – OHR version, ITS Version. 

Check with your Senior Director regarding which version to use

OHR Version

ITS Version

Employee Input Form

Pages from the SRDP requesting Employee self-input. 

This is a modified version of the staff input section of the SRDP, just as a separate file if you prefer to send it to the employee in this format.  We also added a section for the employee to comment on how they demonstrated the competencies.  

Staff Input Form

Feedback from others Form

Form to be used to request input from others (committees, project leads, etc).

NOT  a required form – if you prefer to gather this feedback in another way (email, phone, in person), you are welcome to use an alternative method.

Feedback from Others

Job Profile Descriptions

Describe the generic job responsibilities for each position, by level.  Be sure that you look at the level that corresponds to the employee you are evaluating.

Competencies Matrix

Describe the competencies expected of the employee at each level.  Be sure to look at the level that corresponds to the employee you are evaluating.

Management Matrix

Non-management matrix

Job Responsibilities Worksheet

Documents the responsibilities expected of the employee in the specific position.  Should be similar to the Job Profile, but more specific to the individual position within your department.

No action needs to be taken to update JRWs at this time - they will be updated in the May/June timeframe.  Training will be provided regarding the updates. 

Will be distributed via email by HR


Q: HR sent me all of my staff's JRWs from last year.  What am I supposed to do with them?

A: The JRWs are provided so that you have a reminder of the defined job responsibilities for each employee.  You can use the JRW as input to the SRDP, but it is not required.  No updates to the JRW are required at this time.

Q:  I heard that we are going to have to update the JRW.  When are we supposed to do that?

A:  ITS in in the process of piloting updated Performance Management training, which includes updates to the JRW.  Once you have attended training, you will be asked to update your staff's JRWs in accordance with the instruction provided in the training class.

Q:  I have direct reports, but am not officially titled a Manager.  Do I fill in their SRDPs or does my manager?

A:  You and your manager should discuss who is responsible for the SRDPs of your direct reports.  For example, you may fill in the SRDP, but forward it to your manager for signature.  

Q: How do I find out what level my employee is? (i.e. Systems Analyst Level III)

A: Look at the JRW.  The level should be documented at the top of the JRW.  If it is not, you can look it up in Link Evaluate using the position number associated with that employee (position number should also be listed at the top of the JRW). 

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