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Zoom Conferencing System Startup

  • Press the Home button on the iPad to wake up the system
  • The system is ready when you see the Penn State logo displayed on both screens.

Connect to the Penn State Bridge or an Outside Meeting

  •  Click on the “Meet Now” button to start a meeting.



  • To connect to a meeting, click “Invite” on the iPad.



  • Then click on “Invite Room System” on top of the screen as shown below.


  • For meetings outside of Penn State, put in the IP address of the system that you would like to connect to. Make sure the right protocol, H323/SIP, is selected and then press the “Call” button.


  • For meetings using the Penn State Bridge, put in “” where “44XXXX” is the Penn State Conference ID. Make sure H323 is selected and then press the “Call” button.




Zoom Conferencing System iPad User’s Interface

  •  Once the meeting is connected, the screen on the iPad will change to the user interface. You can control the camera, mute/unmute the microphone, change the layout on the TVs, and share contents with the user interface.



Leaving a Meeting and Zoom Conferencing System Shutdown

  • You can leave the meeting at any time by click on the “Leave” button on the iPad.

  • Click on “Leave” to disconnect yourself from the meeting.
  • Click on “End” to end the meeting for all if you are the host for the meeting.


  • The system will go to sleep by itself.

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