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An important resource and tool for archaeologists today is the Internet. Those studying archaeology today often use the Internet to look for data, resources, and information. However, while there are numerous resources available on the Internet that could be very useful to scholars, search engines are often ineffective at providing links to the most informative websites.It is the very wide-reaching nature of the Internet that actually can limit its user-friendliness and the intuitiveness of searching for appropriate kinds of information. The unbounded and vast amount of data online creates a universe of information that cannot easily be targeted. The prospect of effectively utilizing currently untapped online resources is a major goal for this project.

In order to address this problem, I propose to create a custom search engine tool for archaeological information. This search engine could be updated and modified regularly. It would be a searchable database of approved online information relevant to archaeology. A tool from Google, the end product is "a tailored search experience, built using Google's core search technology, that prioritizes or restricts search results based on websites and pages you specify." It would allow investigators to more effectively and efficiently search online for webpages and sites that are beneficial to meaningful research. This custom search engine would be more akin to Google scholar than general Google searching, but with broader applicability since Google scholar focuses on citations. This search engine also has potential to eventually expand to include other collaborators and more refinements for even more focused online searching.

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