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Many new data acquisition tools are currently available and many more will become available at a very rapid rate. As these sentences are being written, AT&T has an ad campaign on television asserting that there are already 85,000 applications available for the iPhone, a cellular telephone that was introduced on January 9, 2007, less the three years ago. The temptation is to seize upon new technology of this kind and try its many software tools (apps) in as many creative ways as possible in order to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of our normal scientific pursuits. However, just as the automobile turned out to be much more than the horseless carriage it was intially perceived to be, new digital technology is transforming everything into a whole new research landscape. This is much more than just new technology to help us better do what we have traditionally done. In order to take best advantage of emerging opportunities, and to perceive as early as possible the true character of the emerging digital world, we should think not just about digital tools, but also about the strategic and tactical implications of their deployment.

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