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There have been calls from many parts of the scientific community for a shift to a free information approach to scientific data. The arguments for this shift are based in scientific and public ethics.  Very recently there have been policy shifts within the NIH to enforce and clarify long standing, but generally vague requirements for data sharing and material sharing in several subfields.  Cultural and policy shifts within the scientific community will probably continue in this direction as more scientists embrace the potential of digital tools for the sharing and combination of data.  This study attempts to apply the experience of related disciplines to determine the best data sharing strategy for morphometrics and related fields.  It outlines how digital data sharing is related to current sharing policies, where and how these might be expanded, and which materials would be most useful to share. It also discusses how to balance open access with issues of economic interests, intellectual property, privacy, and professional courtesy.  Related models of data sharing are discussed, leading to a plan of data sharing for the field of morphometrics meant to serve the needs of the research community in an efficient and easy way. 

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