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  • Best Practices and Permissions
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  • Consider using a unit-wide prefix for naming your wikispaces so that they will all appear together.  (Wikispaces lists spaces alphabetically.) Example: UL for University Libraries, as in UL - Training or UL CMS.
  • Consider endorsing a wiki space template unit-wide so that new users are not disoriented when working in several different spaces.
  • For standardizing a look & feel within a wiki, use page templates.  Examples: Meeting minutes, agendas, lessons, any form.
  • Establish specific tagging scheme, so that resources can be pulled across difference spaces based on tags.
  • If applicable, set page permissions by user-managed group (UMG) so that you don't need to manage permissions for everyone in your group individually.
  • Set permissions appropriately from the beginning.  Is this a resource that must not be shared outside the unit or is there a possibility that we may want to share reference this content with others?
  • Use dark pages to hide content that's not ready for non-admins to view.
  • Use a dark page called navigation to supply links to internal or external resources, such as external pages, other wiki spaces, or child pages of the current wiki space.
  • If you have permssion to edit, then edit.  Use comments for comments.
  • Determine who really needs to edit the wiki.  Too many editors might make for inconsistent wiki or dueling edits.