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Any project with a technical component can benefit greatly from having a Technical Lead. This is also an important Agile role.

The Technical lead can be a software engineer, systems architect, or other expert appropriate for the type of project. The Technical Lead guides the team in decisions about tools, infrastructure, choice of operating systems, development/staging environments, programming, unit/integrated testing, and other pertinent technical issues.

The Technical Lead should be able to do the following:

  • Work closely with the Project Manager, Product Owner, and others to design features and prioritize tasks
  • Support the team by answering technical questions and solving technical problems
  • Help with recruiting and hiring developers, testers, and other technical members of the team
  • In the case of software projects, assemble software releases and drive improvements in release processes; set an example of, and encourage, coding best practices; 
    and write code

In some projects, the Technical Lead and Project Lead can be the same individual.

Technical Lead Responsibilities

  • Takes lead in determining technical architecture and technical environments (development, testing, deployment, etc.)
  • Serves as adviser and coordinator of the team’s technical activities
  • Ensures adherence to standards and best practices
  • Resolves technical differences between team members

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