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Penn State Projects

VMHosting Redesign Project Scope

In Scope

  • Current User / Service
    • METRICS - Gather metrics on current Service.
    • Identify inactive customers and determine if their space can be eliminated.
    • A process to intake feedback from existing customers. (component of BRM)
    • Talk with existing customers to learn what they want/need, levels of satisfaction. (component of BRM) 
  • Design
    • Re-architect service infrastructure (in process: Architecture Review)
    • Define SOS security template to be used to harden VMs
    • Define supported OSs, including versions
    • Define level of marketing / communications needed around service changes.
    • Define level of business continuity and disaster recovery
    • Design the Customer Self-Service Portal
      • Tier 1 - empty container
      • Tier 2 - with supported OS
    • Define processes to be automated
    • Define services that will be self provisioned
    • Define supported PaaS (LAMP) or others
    • Define plan to move to IT Service Desk
    • Build service aspects
    • Define Staging Approach (What does release 1)
      • Bring all new customers into the new model (TBD)
      • Migrate existing customers to new service
  • Implementation
    • implement changes to service infrastructure
    • harden and install VMs
    • implement changes to ensure level of business continuity / disaster recovery
    • Change / implement the Self-Service Portal
    • Design the Customer Self-Service Portal - Tier 3 - PaaS? (LAMP)
    • Create automation scripts
    • implement self provisioning
    • move to ITS Service Desk
    • Documentation
      • End User
        • document the different levels of service
      • Training
      • Internal processes
    • Rebranding of service
    • Create Service Management documentation ( will we need two for the two services? )
  • Test New Service
    • Test out automation
    • Test out service portal
  • Roll out New Service
    • Put items in service catalog
    • Deliver Service Documentation to appropriate place / people
    • Install Self-Service Portal
    • Install / deliver automation scripts
    • Install self provisioning
    • Provide Training


  • Metrics
    • Measure Efficiencies Gained
    • Metrics to show we are less or more expensive than competition.


  • Who do we need support from?
    • SOS
    • AIS - transition from existing HW/networks
    • TNS - networking, firewall
    • Data Center
    • Financial Services?
      • To calculate billable and charge
      • Develop fee structure - for both services
  • This service is for staff, faculty, and researchers at University Park and branch campuses.
  • Technology
    • iSCSI - alternative to fiber channel, can use remote data centers; better for future disaster recovery plan.

Out of Scope

  • Mac OS Virtualization

Out of Scope For Now
(Maybe We'll Do these Later)

  • Providing services to Students, Graduate Students, and Student Organizations
  • Ongoing engagement with users to identify satisfaction levels and enhancements
  • Ongoing marketing and communication

Software Licensing Repository Setup

When scoping this project, think about...
The following will definitely
be part of this project.
The following will definitely
not be part of this project. 
We will consider the following for
later in this project (if we have the
resources) or for a future project. 


Individuals and groups affected

  • Hershey, ARL and Dickinson 
  • Penn College
  • Stewards
  • ITLC
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Admin Areas (points of contact)
  • Purchasing
  • Corporate Controller (FOs)
  • Students
Deliverables: Goods, services
Activities (Benchmarking, Surveying, etc.)
Definition of "Done"
  • Survey Software Licensing Group
  • Tool Selection
  • Define requirements for tool
  • Survey (redo?)
    Interim solution?
  • Under pinning vendor contract
  • SLA
  • Metrics Collections - retaining historican information
  • Training
  • Participant list (who's not participating?)
  • Training target lists and and associated documented training
  • Mobile application licenses
  • Software Sales
  • Big Fix
  • Integration with Software Catalog
  • Integration into request fulfillment process (query available licenses prior to new purchases)
  • New Software Approval Request
  • Service Now tie in
  • Integration with Celerant POS
  • Mobile access to repository
Target dates 
Iterative phases 
Later: Next, and Later, Endeavors
  • Target launch for Phase 1:  June 30, 2015
  • Consider ITX timeline and try not to overlap

  • Additional phases
SaS? ITS? Penn State? The World?
  • Penn State

Tools and technologies
Hire consultant?

  • Repository Tool
  • Training Users
  • Training Stewards
  • Communications Plan
  • Phased Approach 
  • Potential Pilot
  • Focus Groups
  • Consult with knowledge experts
  • Visit other institutions/knowledge sharing
  • ITX processes alignment

Other Scoping Examples

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