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To learn how to use this report and view examples, see the following:

Short link for this page: (provide a bitly short link here for your project closure report.)

Purpose: This report accomplishes the following:

  • assesses the project's success
  • identifies improvements and recommended practices for future projects 
  • formally closes the project
Prepared By


Date Prepared 

Project Name


Project Managers


Project Schedule
Start Date   
Deployment Date   
Close Date   

Reason For Closing Project


Project Assessment: Input and lessons learned from sponsors, developers, service-management team, stakeholders, project managers, customers, and end users.

Productive and Enjoyable


Frustrating and/or Confusing


Need More Of


Need Less Of


Keep the Same


Other Ideas, Recommendations


Main Objective Going Forward
The team votes on this objective during the project retrospective.


Project Efficiencies
These are improvements made in the project's processes.


Value Delivered


Project Manager Comments


Was the Project Successful?
This is the Sponsor's assessment of the project's success.


More Information

(provide links to related documentation, websites, news itesm, box files, and so on.)

Signoff: Initials idicate that the sponsor approval to close this project.

Project Sponsor: (provide sponsor's name)
(provide initials, or penn state id, of sponsor)

Post-Project Tasks

TaskIndividual Responsible Target Date

Document History

VersionDate Author


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