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  • New-Project or Consulting Intake Questions
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This bank of questions is useful to use in an initial meeting to discuss a potential new project:


  1. Indicate what service you are seeking:
    1. Dedicated project management throughout a project's lifecycle (for projects with a University-wide impact)
    2. Guidance throughout the lifecycle of a project (for projects with an ITS-wide impact)
    3. Instruction, guidance, and resources from the PMO on an as-needed basis (for short-term efforts, unit-specific projects in SaS, or projects with an assigned, dedicated project lead

  2. Provide a brief description of this project.

  3. What is the business need for this project?

  4. What are the project's goals? (In an ideal state, what would you want the product or service to look like upon delivery? In 1 year? 2 years?)

  5. How does this project align with SaS', ITS', and Penn State's strategic plans? 

  6. What are the negative impacts of not doing this project? 

  7. What are the funding and other resource needs (costs) of this project?

  8. Have funding and other resources been approved?

  9. How will this project benefit SaS, ITS, Penn State? (Increased efficiency, cost savings, revenue, compliance, etc.)
    1. How do these benefits outweigh the costs of the project? 

  10. What are the potential impediments to delivering this product or service?

  11. What other services or projects does this project depend on to succeed, and why?

  12. How many people/units will benefit from the project?

  13. What could potentially keep customers from choosing or using this product or service?

  14. Identify the following time constraints:
    1. Date when work must begin on the effort or project
    2. Target date for completion
    3. External dates or mandates driving this timeline
    4. Approximate time window during which you will need assistance from the PMO

  15. After reviewing the PMO services framework, what are your expectations of us?  What kind of assistance are you seeking?

  16. What comments or questions do you have for us? 


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