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  • Instructions for Using the Objectives and Deliverables Template
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We recommend populating this template in a collaborative session with your planning team. Give participants pens and post-its–its easier to add items and move them around.

A project's Objectives are the expected benefits, outcomes, improvements you hope to realize. Since you have already identified these in your Business Case, populate this template with them before you hold your work session. When listing objectives here, be sure to begin each one with a strong verb, for example, Save time and resources by using automation. 

1Expected benefits , outcomes, improvements 
2Tangible outputs or products that will enable us to achieve the objectives
Objectives are listed in this columnDeliverables are listed in this column. Note that you may not have a 1-1 correspondence of one objective to one deliverable–for example, one deliverable may address several objectives.

Objectives vs. Goals

Do not confuse Objectives and Goals. Goals are more general and are identified in the Product Vision. Objectives are more particular. Taken all together your Objectives will ultimately meet your project's Goals.


While you and your team are identifying the project's deliverables, be mindful that each deliverable should should result in at least one of the following Outcomes:

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Cost savings
  • Increased revenue
  • Value for the customer

More Information About Project Objectives and Deliverables


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