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  • How to Use the PESTLE Analysis Template
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A PESTLE Analysis collects information about external factors and potential changes to those external factors which have or may have an impact on the project.  These identified impacts can represent both project opportunities and risks.

This is a Post-It Note activity, that can be used with your team to help identify both opportunities and risks.  On a white board, put up areas for the six categories below.  On a screen, project this page, so that the team members understand what each category is for.  Have them write Risks and Opportunities on Post-It Notes, labeling them with either a R for risk, or an O for opportunity.  Once everyone has completed writing their risks and opportunities (should not take more than 10 minutes).  Review the Risks and Opportunities with everyone to perfect and consolidate the output of the exercise.  

Put the risks and opportunities into the Risk and Opportunity portion of your Project Plan.



Think about...

  • External Factors
  • Changing External Factors

that have or may have an impact on the project.

These impacts are the projects Risks and Opportunities.


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