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  • H. Communications Plan for the SaS Project Management Office
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PMO Team Communications

Daily Scrum

  • Primary Communicators:  PMO Team
  • Primary Audience: PMO Team
  • Purpose: To share what was worked on in the past day, what will be worked on in the next day, and any blockers or impediments
  • Channel: F2F
  • Process:  15-minute daily standups with whole team present.

Communications to SaS 

Project Portfolio Updates and Requests for Prioritization

  • Primary Communicator:  PMO Director
  • Primary Audience: SaS Directors, PMO Team
  • Purpose:
  • Channel:
  • Process:  

Weekly Report

  • Primary Communicator: PMO Director
  • Primary Audience: SaS Directors
  • Purpose: 
        To provide weekly updates on PMO activities and progress on projects 
        To request resourcing for newly approved projects 
  • Channel: Weekly SaS Directors' Meeting (Wednesday)
  • Process:
        1. PMO Team gives PMO Director brief updates on Tuesday
        2. PMO Director presents information at Wednesday SaS Directors' meetings, requests/receives new-project sourcing information

Monthly Report

  • Primary Communicator: PMO Director
  • Primary Audience: SaS
  • Purpose: To inform SaS of PMO activities and progress on projects
  • Channel: SaS Yammer Group and Word Document in Box (or Wiki Page) 
  • Process:
    1. PMO Team completes Word Doc (or Wiki page) with updates near the end of each month.
        2. PMO Director shares document with brief note in SaS Yammer Group

Workshops and Presentations

  • Primary Communicator: 
  • Primary Audience:  Project Team Members, Service Owners, BRMs, and other members of SaS 
  • Purpose: 
  • Channel:
  • Process: 

Project-Specific Communications

Project Reports

  • Primary Communicator: Project Manager responsible for the project 
  • Primary Audience: Project Team, including Sponsor and Other Key Stakeholders 
  • Purpose: To inform the team of the project's overall progress 
  • Channel:
  • Process: 

Communications to Penn State

ITPMWG Presentations and Workshops

  • Primary Communicator: PMO Team Member
  • Primary Audience: IT Project Management Working Group
  • Purpose: To share information on processes, methodologies, and best practices so that we can promote more consistency of the use of these across Penn State 
  • Channel:
  • Process: 

Communications to the Public

Public Presentations and Workshops

  • Primary Communicator:
  • Primary Audience: 
        Higher Education Community
        Project Management Community
  • Purpose:
  • Channel:
  • Process: 


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