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  • Great Questions to Ask in those Initial Meetings With the Project Sponsor and High-Level Planners
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Background and Goals

  • What do you expect this project to accomplish for you?
  • How do you accomplish these goals today?
  • What other projects are helping you achieve these goals?
  • Are any other—current or future—projects dependent on this project?
  • What are your criteria for success for this product?
  • Does this project have the support of your management?
  • Have you attempted this, or a similar, project in the past?

Organizational Interface

  • What organizations within your company will be affected by this?
  • What business areas must the system interface with?
  • Are there interface requirements to other parts of the business?

Schedule and Cost

  • What are your thoughts about schedule and cost?
  • Is schedule or cost most important for you (or are they equal)?
  • Are there penalties for being late, rewards for being early?

Product Vision

  • Do you have a clear image of what the end product should look like?
  • What should the system do?
  • Have you seen a product like this that you liked?
  • How will you evaluate the end product?
  • What are your competitors doing for these types of functions?

Regulations and Policies

  • Are there any government regulations to be aware of?
  • What University policies should we be mindful of?
  • Is there a Union impact?
  • Are there any security issues?
  • Are there technical standards that we have to meet?
  • Are there any training needs?
  • Are there industry standards concerning this product?
  • Do you have specific performance requirements?
  • Are there any potential liability issues?


  • Who else should we talk to?
  • Who is the most knowledgeable person on this topic?
  • Who is the primary user?
  • Who else will use the system?


Based on a set of questions from "Determining Project Requirements, Second Edition: Mastering the BABOK® and the CBAP® Exam," by Hans Jonasson, Figure 4.1.

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