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Organizational Change Management (OCM) recognizes two types of project (or change) sponsors: The Executive, or Primary, Sponsor and Sustaining Sponsors.

The Executive Sponsoror Primary Sponsor, authorizes and funds the project. This person is usually in control of the resources, systems and people that are affected by the change. The primary sponsor has three main change management responsibilities, including active and visible participation, coalition building, and communication of business messages about the change. The Executive Sponsor should 

  • Communicate the project's vision to all stakeholders.
  • Believe that the project is worthwhile implementing for the business.
  • Have the professional competencies to add value to the project.
  • Be willing to be held accountable for the outcome from the project.
  • Believe that the project’s goals and objectives can be met.
  • Commit the time required to support the project.
  • Have the leadership traits to serve as the sponsor for the project.
  • Have the necessary organizational contacts to secure the project’s resources and cooperation from the interfacing functions.
  • Be in a position to influence the outcome of the project 

Reference: Executive Sponsor: Importance and Role.

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