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  • Examples of Product and Service Visions
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SaS Project Management Office Service Vision

Developed during the initial PMO Setup project.

We will serve as a Center of Expertise that provides organizational focus on improving management of projects, programs, services, and portfolios to ITS Services and Solutions and our Partners so that they can make IT easier and help fulfill Penn State’s mission.
Our service will work better than settling for a lower level of Maturity in Project Management (MPM) because we will standardize, plan, and execute more effectively; align with best practices; realize cost savings; and help to set a strategic direction for Service and Project Management.

ScholarSphere Service Vision

Developed as part of the ScholarSphere team's long-term planning.

We will provide ScholarSphere to Penn State faculty, students, and staff so they can preserve and share their scholarly work.

Our institutional repository service will work better than external repositories because

  • ScholarSphere houses the work of Penn State scholars onsite, within the university, and all works are associated with the Penn State brand
  • ScholarSphere is managed via a joint commitment of Penn State University Libraries and ITS
  • ScholarSphere is driven by its users' needs, and we continually add features requested by users
  • ScholarSphere is developed upon community-sustained open-source software

Product Visions for VMHosting

(Developed during the VMHosting Service Redesign Project)

VMHosting Product Vision 

We will provide VMHosting to Penn State faculty, researchers, and staff so that they can focus on their business outcomes and / or teaching and research rather than the technology.

VMHosting will work better than outsourcing or pushing this work down to unit IT organizations because it will ensure responsible stewardship of Penn State's resources, sustainability, standardization and security.

Systems and Applications Administration Product Vision

We will provide Systems and Applications Administration for VMHosting customers so that they can focus on their business outcomes and / or teaching and research rather than the technology.

Providing Systems and Applications Administration will work better than requiring customers to do this themselves because they may not have the time and resources to do so.

Product Vision for the Software License Repository

(Created during the Software License Repository Setup Project)

We will provide a central Software Repository Service to University faculty and staff so that they can record and manage licensed software titles acquired and in use at Penn State.  This service will support the acquisition and contract negotiation of software procurement and provide information on existing software licenses.

Our Software Repository Service will work better than decentralized acquisitions and record keeping by: saving time and money, remaining compliant, and providing an avenue for shared knowledge and education.

Product Vision for the IT Service Desk

(Developed during the Service Desk and Support Redux Effort)

Our IT Service Desk will provide exceptional service and support to the Penn State Community so that they can have a single point of contact for their technology needs.

Our customer service will work better than working in the current state because we empower our staff to provide a best-in-class experience.  

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