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Date CreatedAI IDDescriptionPOCDue DateNotesCompleted
08/04/2014VMHAI016Take the tasks removed from the backlog, and make a list of external dependencies to be put into the dependencies section of the Project Plan. This list will be sent out for review to the VMH20LT group prior to updating the project plan. Yammer Message will be sent out once this has been completed.Kelly Peterman08/08/2014  
08/04/2014VMHAI020Work with Matt to get focus group feedback to the team, as that feed back is gathered.Kelly PetermanTBDWe will treat these like any other meeting and create a page for meeting minutes. Those urls will then be posted to yammer. 
08/04/2014VMHAI021Ask Matt to share survey data out to the entire teamKelly Peterman08/15/2014Matt is working with someone to get the survey data in a readable format. He will add it to our box area, and then update yammer. 

Create JIRA Tasks for...

  • Create a list of general questions that come into the current VMHosting Help Desk
  • Create KB Documentation
  • Create Training Package for Self Service Portal
  • Create Training Package for VM Web Client
  • Define Escalation Path that can be tied into the Service Desk Request Tool
  • Define Service Desk Triage Questions
  • Define Support Level of Tier One Support
  • Define Communication Model to be used by Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support


Kelly Peterman08/15/2014  

Add the following items to the next VMH20LT Meeting Agenda:

  • Define schedule for the VMHosting Phases
  • Discuss Service Desk Triage Questions
  • Discuss Tier 1 Level of Support


Kelly Peterman08/15/2014  
08/08/2014VMHAI025Provide Nikke Moore and Jen Montminy the list of categorized users once that list is completeKelly PetermanTBD  
08/08/2014VMHAI026Provide Nikke Moore and Service Desk the list of current problems called in once that list is completeKelly PetermanTBD  
08/08/2014VMHAI027Schedule a Self Service Portal Demo/Review with Communications and Marketing, Service Desk, and Training Services, once the Self Service Portal is more mature.Kelly PetermanTBD  



Date CreatedAI IDDescriptionPOCDue DateNotesCompleted
05/27/2014VMHAI002Schedule meeting with Jennifer Montminy, Chris Lucas, Mike Burns, Rose Pruyne, Christy Long, and myself to discuss marketing and communications. This meeting will help define when and how much Jennifer will need to be involved in the projectKelly Peterman05/30/2014Scheduled for July 8th at 2:00.06/02/2014
05/27/2014VMHAI003Schedule Product Backlog Meeting. This meeting with include Christy Long, Rich Cropp, Jeff Minelli, The Project Team, SaS PMO.Kelly Peterman05/30/2014Backlog Meetings occurred on 6/12/2014 and 6/17/201406/17/2014
08/01/2014VMHAI008Schedule a VMHosting Web Presence MeetingKelly Peterman08/09/2014Scheduled for September 22nd, 2014.08/01/2014
08/04/2014VMHAI015Synchronize the wiki backlog with JIRAKelly Peterman08/08/2014Done08/06/2014
08/04/2014VMHAI017Schedule a JIRA overview for the team.Kelly Peterman08/08/2014Scheduled for August 12, 201408/06/2014
08/04/2014VMHAI018Update the Yammer JIRA links and provide the new links to the group.Kelly Peterman08/08/2014Done


08/04/2014VMHAI019Schedule out the VMH20LT meetings. Biweekly through the end of this calendar year.Kelly Peterman08/08/2014Meetings have been scheduled out through December 201408/05/2014
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