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Carnival Cruise Lines in 2002



1) Holds 34% market share

2) Largest fleet of ships

3) Six different cruise lines

4) Innovator in cruise travel industry

5) Largest variety of ships

6) Building largest cruise ship

7) High brand recognition

8) Headquartered in Miami

9) Internet friendly with online booking


1) Major loss in affiliated operations

2) Increased debt from building new ships

3) Not serving Asian market


1) Air travel has decreased (9/11)

2) Asian market no being served

3) Possible acquisition of Princess Cruise Lines

4) New weather forecasting systems available

5) Rising demand for all-inclusive vacation packages

6) Families have increased disposible incomes

7) Marriage rates are up - more honeymoons


1) Decrease in travel since 9/11

2) Terrorism

3) Competition within the industry

4) Competition among other types of vacations

5) Economic recession

6) Chance of natural disasters

7) Increasing fuel prices

8) Changing government regulations

David, Fred R. Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Ninth Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2003.

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