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Product Backlog
Story NumberStory TitlePriorityAssigneeDate CompletedEstimateEstimate Left
SASVMH-1Define Processes to be AutomatedHTeam Member07/11/201410
SASVMH-4Identify VMHosting Ticketing SystemHTeam Member07/08/201410
SASVMH-10Prepare JIRA to Manage VMHosting Redesign ProjectHProject Manager07/09/201430
SASVMH-34Discover How to Represent Dependencies in JIRAHProject Manager07/08/201410
SASVMH-35Customer Satisfaction SurveyHBusiness Relationship Manager07/09/201430
SASVMH-43What OSs are Supported and at what LevelHTeam Member07/31/201410
SASVMH-53Decide on Location for Internal DocumentationsHTeam Member07/08/201410
SASVMH-56Satisfaction Survey ResultsHBusiness Relationship Manager07/31/2014200
SASVMH-59Define Tasks for Automating VM CreationHTeam Member07/11/201420
SASVMH-125Ansible Playbooks - Clone 64-bit RHEL 6 VM From a TemplateHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-126Ansible Playbooks - Clone 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM From a TemplateHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-128Self Service Portal - Update Alfred Database With New RecordsHTeam Member07/31/201480
SASVMH-129Self Service Portal - IPv6 Support For VMsHTeam Member07/31/201480
SASVMH-146Ansible Playbook: Reconfigure VMHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-147Ansible Playbook: Create SnapshotHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-148Ansible Playbook: Delete SnapshotHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-149Ansible Playbook: Power on/off VMHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-150Ansible Playbook: Reboot VMHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-151Ansible Playbook: Reset VMHTeam Member07/31/201420
SASVMH-127Self Service Portal - Create a VM Via CloningHTeam Member08/12/201480
SASVMH-132Create a list of general questions that come into the current VMHosting Help DeskHTeam Member08/13/201430
SASVMH-172update nslcd config to set /home properlyHTeam Member08/13/201410
SASVMH-153Automate vSphere Console accessHTeam Member 99
SASVMH-13Service Level Agreement for VMHostingHService Owner 2121
SASVMH-16Service Catalog DescriptionHService Owner 33
SASVMH-54Define appropriate metrics and how to gather themHService Owner 22
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