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Learn how to use this template and view some Business Case examples:


What led up to the current situation?

Current Situation 

How things are standing now? 

What precipitating factors triggered the need for this project?

Problem With Current Situation 

Leads up to why the proposed project is needed. 

Proposed Solution 

The proposed project.

What Are the Alternatives?

What other solutions have been proposed?

What have other organizations done?

What if we maintained the status quo?

Why Is the Proposed Solution Better? 

Points to why the proposed direction was chosen. 

What Will the Benefits Be? 

The business value of this project for the  customers, stakeholders, end users. 

How this Project Aligns With Our Organization's Goals

How does this project support the goals of SaS, ITS, and Penn State?


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  1. This is  a great guideline.  I hope you don't mind if I share / utilize it in some of my project planning sessions